Psychic Development 101: How to See Auras

Every living thing on this planet has an aura or energy field around them. Many people are born with the ability to see auras but usually lose this over time when they encounter disbelief or ridicule from people around them when they talk about what they can see. Our auras contain a vast amount of information about ourselves, our thoughts, our state of mind and wellbeing as well as our past, present and future and many psychics can see this information when doing a face-to-face reading. Given the fact that our auras are in fact similar to ‘cloud’ computing in that they store all this information about us, it’s no wonder that the ability to see auras ranks high on the list of psychic skills people would like to master.

Fortunately for us, no special equipment is needed to do this – all it takes is time and practice. To begin to see auras we actually have to not be looking for them! If that sounds like a paradox – well, it is in a way. Many people find that either closing their eyes or else focussing on the space behind the person or being who aura they want to see is the best way to begin doing this. To start with, you might want to enlist the help of a friend or family member. Have them sit in front of you preferably in front of a blank wall – white walls are the best. Sit down on a chair opposite them – ideally about four or five feet away. Close your eyes and say to yourself ‘I can now see so-and-so’s aura’. Sit quietly and wait. To begin with you may see only one colour or two and they may be faint. Don’t force things and obviously don’t keep your subject sitting there for too long! When you have finished open your eyes and write down the colours you saw, where they were in relation to the person’s physical body and what you think they mean.

Once you have done this a few times and have started to see more colours and perhaps the whole aura around someone with your eyes closed, then try opening your eyes. Do not look directly at the person or where you expect to see their aura. Instead keep a soft focus. As you practice this more you will notice that the aura remains clearly visible and the same whether your eyes are open or closed. You now know you are doing this correctly and should now be receiving even more information via the colours in their aura.

You can use the same technique to start to see your own aura. Place a chair about three feet in front of a large mirror. Again, at first keep your eyes closed and say ‘I can now see my own aura’. As time goes by start to open your eyes again keeping that soft focus so you don’t look directly at your reflection or the space your aura occupies but rather are looking through it. The more you practice this, the more this will make sense to you. Think of looking at an aura as looking at the Sun – you can’t/don’t look directly at either!

The great thing about this exercise is you can start by practicing on yourself and you can repeat this exercise as often as you like. As you get better at it don’t be surprised if when you are out and about you can suddenly see the auras of people you encounter, animals and even plants! It’s all a reminder we are beings of pure energy and light – and our auras reflect that.

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