Psychic Development 101: First Impressions Count

You’re on the path to working not only with your Tarot cards, but also with your intuition. So what’s the next step? Especially if you want to make that all-so-important step to working with real-life clients as opposed to just friends or family members.

While the Tarot cards convey a wealth of information we need to hone our own intuitive skills in order to validate what the cards are telling us. When we are starting out as readers or even when we have graduated to reading professionally, we all need to continually develop our abilities. So, if we’re short of volunteers, how do we go about this? Well, the answer is we usually all have a ready made pool of people to practice on – whether they volunteer for an actual reading or not.

If we are going to develop our psychic skills we will usually end up reading for total strangers and will be relying on the first impression we capture from their energy. These impressions count and often turn out to be incredibly accurate. Of course, we can’t walk up to a total stranger and ask them if they want a reading – or blurt out what we’re picking up from them for that matter either! But reading for people we don’t know as opposed to those we do is part and parcel of being a psychic and in fact, is often easier than reading for family and friends because when we are starting out it is easy to project what we know they are wishing and hoping for onto the reading – even if our intuition is telling us something else entirely.

We can start to make the transition from reading for people we know to strangers by recording our impressions about people and situations we don’t know that well but who are not total strangers. I’m talking about co-workers, clients, neighbours, people you interact with on a regular basis and converse with, who you don’t know that well but who give you certain amounts of information on their lives from which you can make a prediction.

It works like this. Say a co-worker tells you they are applying for a different job for example. They may tell you something about the new role, the day they are attending the interview, where the job is etc or you can ask them. Now, take this information and when you have a moment ‘tune in’ to their energy. Make a note of what you are picking up about them and the possible outcome. If you have your journal handy then make a note about how you think things will play out for them. Will they be successful or not? If not, when do you think they will find another job? Perhaps you have just connected with a new client who is saying they would like to do business with you. After the meeting write down all that your intuition is telling you about this person. If they have not volunteered any personal information write down anything that comes to mind about them – are they married or single? Are they happy in their current job? Will they go ahead and do business with you and if they do, what will they be like to deal with? Write down everything you pick up about them and don’t be afraid if it seems off the wall or irrelevant as very often these are the things that turn out to be the most accurate insights in the long run! Don’t forget – nobody is going to see this except you!

Time and time again you will amazed at the amount of accurate information you pick up – not just about the person but about outcomes to situations.

So, if you are looking to expand your skills by reading for strangers before taking that step to becoming a professional psychic and want to know where you can find test subjects to practice on – the answer is they are all around you and yes, those first impressions not only count – but can be profoundly accurate as well.

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