Psychic Ability Developed Through The Body

There are innumerable techniques for developing psychic ability. One of the most practiced methods of enhancing psychic perception is through acknowledging the physical body.

But I hear some of you asking: “There’s nothing physical about intuition or psychic ability.”

True. But scholars and sages of ancient esoteric wisdom understood the immaterial can be known by walking through the material.

It makes sense. Consider, our bodies are the one thing that has been with us longer than anything else in the world during our lifetime. We are intimate with our bodies. We live in them 24/7. We work in them, play, breath, sleep in them – we experience everything through the body.

It’s no wonder so many of our forebears prescribed techniques using the body for enhancing psychic ability. The body is ground zero. It’s the building block from which all other experiences can be built upon.

For example, many Native North American tribal people would undergo rigorous feats of physical strength and stamina. They knew physical exertion forged an opening into amazing psychic insight. Essentially, these people walked through the flesh to get to the land of spirit.

Rituals like the Sioux Sun Dance proved to be extremely effective in shifting human perspective out of the material world and into the realm of spirit. On a deeper level, the Sun Dance is a devotional event in which the body is symbolically sacrificed to the great spirits. The reward for such a valuable gift was connection with the spirits, and psychic sight.

Not every bodily ritual performed for psychic honing is so extreme. Consider the Whirling Dervishes, devoted Sufi mystics of the Mevlevi Order who engage in the whirling dance of Sema to aspire closer to divinity.

The dance is intricate, symbolic, and each turn of the dancers’ bodies moves them closer to the cosmos. Indeed, their placements mimic the celestial heavens and the orbits of significant moons, planets and stars. The whole dance is a devotional and a transformational practice causing a spiralling out of the body into the vastness of God.

Dancing isn’t the only way to touch the psychic planes. Yoga, Tai Chi, Qigong are all practices using the body as the first steps to climb on the ladder of refining psychic ability. Moving the body in such ways has proven to unlock intuitive flow. The body limbers, and in turn, the spirit is able to move more freely within the temple (the body).

Meditation uses the body as a gateway into the psychic theatre too. The process of silently becoming aware of the body, in its entirety – acknowledging the body as a sentient, knowing organism is a form of meditation extremely effective in eliciting psychic knowing.

The breath is a physical activity that will also propel one into heightened psychic states. This is why body rituals and meditation are so effective, because in each practice, the breath is a cornerstone for spiritual ascension.

Breathing can serve as a launching pad for increased psychic ability because by breathing, we are (symbolically) moving Spirit in and out of the body. Air is invisible, intangible, and so our mystical ancestors have intuitively identified it as spirit itself. Ergo, the focused act of taking in Spirit through the nostrils, filling the lungs and the body with the spirit of all things is a powerful act.

These are just a few examples among an infinite array of practices that use the body as a means to gain psychic ability. I invite you to do some research into these, or other ancient cultures and identify their methods of using the body as a gateway into the psychic worlds.

Better yet, you can utilize your body for developing your psychic ability. This can be as simple as devoting a few minutes every day to breathing with awareness. Nothing fancy. You can sit, stand, or you can even be walking to work while you do it. Just focus on your breath. Give your full attention to your breath.

Feel the coolness of your breath as the air funnels through your nostrils. As you feel the air move in, be aware of any sensations your body is experiencing. Picture your breath as a sacred spirit, alive and rejuvenating – moving through your body in a sweeping, healing way. Experience the breath fully as it moves in and out of your body.

Do this for a few minutes, and gradually increase the time to five or ten minutes a day. I guarantee just this simple exercise of devoting your full attention to your breath will lead to tremendously improved psychic ability.

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