Psychic Phone Readings: What to expect

Are psychic phone readings as good as face to face.


If you’ve not had a psychic phone reading with one of our psychics before what can you expect? Perhaps you’ve only had face-to-face readings in the past and are worried that your reader won’t be able to connect to you and intuit what’s going on? Perhaps you think that because it’s a distance reading that it won’t be as accurate? Or if you’re one of those brave souls contemplating having a psychic reading of any kind for the very first time, you’re wondering what the process entails or even worried about what your reader will tell you?

Every single one of the readers who work for me have been personally tested by me and have to do on average 3 test readings before they reach the final test with me, even at the last hurdle not everyone gets through. I am proud of the company I have built and the fact that we are first and foremost about empowerment for our clients – so I am dedicated to only recruiting not only the best readers out there, but also the ones that I know reflect not only my values, but are motivated by a genuine desire to help our clients and we are proud to have recently won the award for “Best Psychic Company” as voted by the readers of Soul and Spirit magazine.

When you call to book a reading, ( or you can book online ) you will be put through to one of our friendly reception team who will take your details. You are welcome to tell them if there is any particular type of reading you are after. All our readers are multi-talented in that the majority employ more than one methodology – many combine clairvoyance, the Tarot, working with spirit guides while others are very good at looking at specific areas of your life such as relationships or career for example.

All of my psychics should give you specific details about your situation or tell you something specific about your past without you telling them anything. If you do not get this in the first 5 minutes of your phone reading and you have booked by credit card or paypal just hang up and you will get a full refund or your phone minutes topped up to choose another psychic. If you are seeking to contact someone on the other side and need a medium, or you have an astrological question, then please let our receptionist know so they can match you to the right reader to help you with this.

Once you are connected to your reader, how does this work? How can they ‘tune in’ to you over the phone line, or indeed the internet if you have opted for an on-line reading? Well, it is no different to you sitting down and having a face-to-face reading with a psychic.  The joy of having a phone reading is the psychic has nothing to distract them, like what you look like, or if you are wearing a wedding ring. It is a very clear channel. I often get asked if a phone reading is as good as face to face and because of this in my opinion has the potential to be much better.

The whole point of a psychic reading is not just to allow you to explore what is going to happen in your future but also to hand you the insight and empowerment you need to create the best possible future outcome for yourself. By becoming aware of the opportunities and challenges that are ahead, you can be better prepared and when it comes to you and other – insights into their feelings and motivations can help you navigate your way to better relationships. The power is in your hands.

Insight and empowerment are our mantras! 21st century psychics who are specific, detailed and emotionally intelligent. Most of our clients are returning customers and we’ve been voted Best Psychic Company and Best Spiritual Website in the Soul and Spirit Magazine awards because we truly care about our clients.

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