Natural Magic with Aromatherapy Oils

Aroma therapy is perfect companion to any natural magic regime because  using aromas to enhance our  well-being is, as the term implies, quite natural.

Natural magic is observing, taking cues from, and participating with our environment to bring about desirable shifts in our lives.

Aroma therapy using essential oils works in the same way.  Using aromatic oils calls for a participation with our environment.  Incorporating these essential oils into our daily lives will adjust our moods, impact our physiology, and cause various other beneficial shifts to our being.

Further, aroma therapy holds hands with the realm of natural magic because we are prompted to use our own inner guidance as we submerge ourselves in the scents of nature.

The use of aromas in natural magic is all very intuitive and organic. Here are some facts about oil essences used in aroma therapy.

How do they work?

Aromatic oils have been utilized since ancient times.  Ancient Egyptians were among the first to recognize the benefits of aroma therapy.  They, along with other naturally savvy aroma-practitioners observed aromatic oils as penetrative allies.

What do they do?

  • Certain essential aromas penetrate the olfactory system which activates sensors to the brain.  This sparks emotional/mental responses such as tranquility, vitality and even elevated consciousness.
  • As we breathe in, the aroma penetrates our lungs and some aromas actually stimulate respiration, enhance air circulation and clear out congestion.
  • Aromas captured in essential oils can penetrate the skin. These oils are absorbed into the body and their essences stimulate blood flow, ease tissues and muscles, and much more.

Which ones to use?

There are seemingly infinite smells in our world, and each of them can be used in aroma therapy.  So where do we start?  We can start by exploring common essential oils and observing their effects on us and our surroundings.

Although these aromatic essences are common, their impact can be quite uncommon.  Pay attention to the effects these oils have on your body and psyche.  It might be a good idea to keep an aroma magic journal and record different responses you have to various oils.

You can obtain these common aromatic oils from any store that carries a line of organic, holistic, health-related or magical products.


Enhances calm, peace, relaxation.  Prevents nightmares and insomnia.  Chamomile essential oil made from distilled fresh flowers has been used since medieval times to treat ailments from eczema to asthma.  Alchemists appreciated this oil’s deep blue hue from the azulenes (blue goodness) it contains – it was said these were magical for subduing irascible natures and anxiety.  Add to steam bath before bed to help get to sleep, or to loosen up chest congestion.


Enhances activity, stimulating, rejuvenating. Clears out stale chi, focuses awareness.  Eucalyptus oil is steam distilled from the leaves, the resulting product is one of the most antiseptic oils on the herbalist’s shelf. It’s been used since ancient times for its cleaning properties – like clearing out infections.  Use as a massage oil to help with rheumatic or arthritic pain.


Enhances sensuality, fertility, love, passion.  Also good for calming, and an all-around groovy feeling.   Jasmine is considered an ultimate love flower to Eastern Indian way of thought, and is often incorporated into many celebrations to elicit adoration, fellowship and harmony.  Also thought to clarify intuition.  Put a few drops of jasmine oil on your skin for an intoxicating delight.  The smell will trigger passion – but the oil is also great for the skin too.


Another great oil to enhance friendship, love, communication, family unification, loyalty, and gentleness. Lavender has been common in every household first aid (or magic) kit since ancient times because of its wide range of benefits and uses.  The aroma loosens up nervousness, enhances sleep, and augers a sense of security/comfort.  A dilution of the oil massaged into the temples will alleviate headaches.  You can also massage into muscles to release tension.

Lemon Balm/Lemongrass

Enhances mental clarity, rejuvenates, renews, refreshing.  Aroma also offers a youthful feeling, and the herb was said to be an elixir of youth in medieval times.  A calming, anti-depressant. Soothes anxieties and worries.  A protective oil too, and wards off negativity.  A few drops in an ointment base will help clear up insect bites, and even serve as an insect repellant.  As a massage oil, it will relieve tension and chest congestion.


Enhances inspiration, creativity and psychic illumination.  Outstanding protective, as it purifies almost everything.  Put a few drops out in an infuser or saucer within your home to clear out negative energies or just clear stagnated chi.  Also a good agent to incorporate into blessings (house blessing, baby showers) because it kicks off new beginnings with positive energy. Helps rejuvenate and reduce depression.  Use in a massage oil to activate stiff joints.


Enhances allure, comfort, love, passion, dreams and beautification.  Rose petals are steam-distilled with the end result being used in almost 95% of all women’s perfumes.  Rose scents have been used since ancient times to help heal sorrows of the heart as well as anti-depressant.  Put a few drops in bathwater to relieve grief, anxiety and prevent insomnia.  Add a few drops to creams and lotions for dry and inflamed skin.  Use in an aromatic diffuser to amplify erotic or romantic settings.

These are just a few of the more common oils used in aroma therapy and natural magic.  But don’t stop with these! Explore the wide range of potential available in the delicious world of aroma magic.  Discover the scents that most appeal to you, and remember to keep your observations recorded in your aroma journal!

Written by Avia Venefica

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