My Top Ten Home Healing Tips

Your home really is your temple. It is the place where you can recharge, increase your energy and plot your destiny. If you feel unhappy in your home it can have all manner of negative effects. Health problems, blocks in relationships and generally feeling yuck! These simple tips should help you transform your home and in turn, even your life!

Tip 1

Get a bell or a singing bowl and walk around ringing it in every room. This breaks up the energy in preparation for your clearing of the space.(This is a great thing to do after an argument preferable when the person has left the room as may further annoy lol!)

Tip 2

Smudge – Go to a good magical or new age shop and buy some white sage wrapped in a bundle. Burn in a fireproof container and waft the smoke about each room.

(Sage has been used in many cultures as a cleansing herb and is a traditional space clearing essential. Native Americans use it before ceremonies to purify the space.)

If you prefer you can use Frankincense burnt on some charcoal, this is equally effective and very good at shifting unwanted spirits.

Tip 3

If you particularly want to protect a space because you feel unsafe or uncomfortable or you feel someone is focusing on you in a negative way put garlic bulbs over all the windows and doors. This ancient custom keeps out all bad vibes as well as vampires!

Tip 4

Tigers eye and salt is also great to place in your bedroom to protect your sleep.

Tip 5

Have a bath with rock salt and chuck in some sage as well to clear your own energy and visualise all negativity being emptied down the plughole when you are finished.

Tip 6

Build a little house shrine and altar to focus your positive wishes and write a letter to your home asking for what you want it to be. Asking for the kind of atmosphere you would like etc. Place crystals, some mineral water, incense and a candle. Pick some things in nature when you go for a walk and photos of loved ones. Put things on there that inspire you.

Tip 7

Be aware of your colour scheme. Yellow stimulates so is generally no good in a bedroom, pink soothes and calms, red heats you up and is exciting, blue chills you out, lavender protects you.

Tip 8

Never have anything in your home with a negative or sad image. Make sure all the photos are happy and inspirational.

Tip 9

Don’t invite people in your home which make you feel bad. If you can’t avoid people like this because they are in your family etc, meet them elsewhere.

Tip 10

Any space can look fantastic at a cheap price. Look through design books, magazines etc and get the best look for your home. Go to boot sales to buy one gorgeous item not loads of junk. Clear out and sell your own clutter and make sure each room is gorgeous. The room that isn’t says a lot about you! (a lot of people leave their bedroom until last, DON’T this is your space to recharge and replenish! Oh, and Plants, plants, plants, plants! Plants clear the air and calm the mind.

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