Michele Talks about Psychic Intuition

Surprisingly enough I really don’t like the word ‘psychic’ but it’s an easy word to use as a gateway for talking about intuition. What it doesn’t do however is convey how we are all magical beings with a deep awareness of the universe and the deep connection we have to each other. But often we don’t use this insight or, if we are on a spiritual path and learning to be ‘psychic’, we can go looking at books and resort to very complex and complicated things to try to enhance this ability when in fact we don’t need to do that at all. Like all great truths – it’s much easier than you think.

All of us have intuitive ability or psychic ability – whatever you may want to call it. And we all have a deep awareness of our connection with the one consciousness. We are all ‘one’ and therefore we know what is going on when we pay attention and go within ourselves and just listen. When we really learn to still ourselves, be in the moment and above all, allow ourselves to feel whatever it is that our bodies are feeling in different situations we gain valuable insights not only into the person or situation, but also ourselves.

When you meet someone what are your first impressions? Do they feel ‘good’ to you? If you were to write down a list describing their personality traits how accurate would you be? This is a great technique to practice with friends. Get a group of friends together who may not know each other and get them to write down how they feel about each other and let the intuition fly. Feel yourself merging with them along with the understanding that we are all one – just separate parts of that experiencing reality from our own unique perspective. Quantum physics backs this up with many scientists now believing that there exists an energy ‘field’ that is made up of pure consciousness as in unified field theory.

Within you is all the knowledge you need to be a psychic. How many times have you ignored your first impressions about someone only to be proved right further down the track? Within you is all the knowledge you need to be a psychic, spiritual magician and creator of anything you want in your life. Our psychic ability is something we can hone and get better at in time like any other skill. It’s all about awareness and above all – trust. Knowing that you can do it. The secret to being psychic lies in believing in yourself and trusting in your inner voice.



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