Meditation and psychic development

Meditation and psychic development

When you’re working on developing your psychic skills –from clairvoyance to rune or Tarot reading – the foundation to everything is your ability to tune in and pay attention to whatever you are picking up.

We are all one and all part of the cosmic web or quantum field. Any psychic skill is really about connecting to all that there is – all that you’re already part of! But the big issue is that we literally drown out our connection with our everyday thoughts and the fast frenzy of daily life.

Meditation is a brilliant way to learn how to quieten your mind so that you can psychically tune in and experience that cosmic connection at will.

Every single spiritual tradition, from ancient to modern, contains a form of meditation practice and it is yet another area where science and spirituality agree on the benefits.

In just one of the studies done at the University of Wisconsin, Tibetan monks were wired up during meditation and it was discovered that meditation generated a boost of gamma waves around the left prefrontal cortex – an area, incidentally, also associated with happiness and good feelings.

Meditation has been shown to be able to literally rewire our brains for happiness and this brings a whole host of benefits in its wake.

But when it comes to helping us develop our psychic skills, meditation also helps us still the mind and cut down the chatter of our everyday thoughts. When we can allow our mind to go quiet, we are far more receptive to the information that we can psychically tune into using whatever tools help us focus our intention.

So as the old joke goes, when you are trying to develop your psychic skills, don’t just do something – sit there. The more that you can clear your mind, the better you will be able to tune in to the cosmic web. Finding that place of peace inside your own mind could be the missing piece to making the quantum leap in your psychic abilities.

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