Making an Aztec Oracle for Intuitive Readings and Development

Firstly, I love the mystic wisdom of the ancient Aztecs. In fact, I appreciate their knowledge so much, I devised a few Aztec oracles that have helped me in developing intuition and receiving intuitive messages.

Creating Aztec oracles is easy because these people were wholly steeped in the spirit of everything. In addition, their symbolic lexicon is tremendous. So, they have a signifier for everything, as everything in their world is a vessel of mysticism and spiritual intensity.

So, you can create your own Aztec oracles to gain intuitive messages and develop intuition too. In fact, it just takes an interest in the Aztec ways, a little investigation into their symbolism and a touch of creativity.

In this article, I’ll share one of my Aztec oracles with you based on Bird energies.

So, there are 13 Aztec deities who rule various aspects of time. In addition, each of these deities embody a specific bird energy (from whence they receive mystical powers). Thus, there is one regal Bird (12 birds, one butterfly) associated with each of the Aztec deities who preside over 13 auspicious days in the Aztec calendar. So, these 13 aspects is what we’ll base our oracle upon.

How to make your Aztec Oracles

The simplest way is to cut out 13 pieces of paper to make oracle cards. Label each card with a number (one through thirteen).

So, you can be creative and draw/paint the corresponding Bird Spirit on each card. You can also decorate your cards with the element ruled too. So, be creative!

However, if cards aren’t your thing, you can create rune-like Aztec oracle with wood chips or stones. For example, paint or carve numbers/deities/birds/elements on these as you would with the cards.

How to use your Aztec Oracles

So, after you’ve created your oracle, it’s time to put them to use.

Firstly, think of a question, concern or issue you need an answer to. After that, focus clearly on your question while you shuffle your oracle cards (or rattle your rune-like bits in a can or bowl).

When you’re ready, pull one card (or rune). As a result, this will be your message from the Aztec spirits in response to your question.

Consult this chart for your Aztec oracle card/rune message:

God/Goddess Associated Bird Spirit Dominion Over Focus Oracle Message
Xiuhtecuhtli (god) Blue Hummingbird Fire Initiation/Inspiration Ignite your creativity. New activity.
Tlaltecuhtli (god) Green Hummingbird Earth Healing/Eternity Embrace inner healing with nature.
Chalchiutlicue (goddess) Hawk Water Authority/Focus Discover your emotions.
Tonatiuh (god) Quail Sun Life/Beneficence Shine compassion upon yourself.
Tlazolteotl (goddess) Harpy Eagle Love Hope/Passion Trust in the power of love.
Teoyaomiqui (god) Screech Owl Warrior Defense/Protection Protect and defend honour.
Xochipilli (god) Buttefly Maize Cycles/Nature Be patient.
Tlaloc (god) Golden Eagle Rain Purification/Provision Wash away discomfort.
Quetzalcoatl (god) Turkey Wind Pride/Admiration Accept adoration.
Tezcatlipoca (god) Horned Owl Bounty Abundance/Fortune Pursue your greatest treasure.
Mictlantecuhtli (god) Macaw Underworld Mystery/Journeying Retreat and renew.
Tlahuizcalpantecuhtli (god) Quetzal Sunrise Revitalization/Glory Begin a new journey.
Ilamatecuhtli (goddess) Parrot Sky Expanse/Dreams Trust in your intuition.

However, don’t stop at reading just the message portion of this oracle. Also ponder the Aztec Bird Spirits. As a result, these spirits will speak to you if you listen. Moreover, the elements and energies ruled by each of the Aztec deities will speak to you too.

So, take time to craft your Aztec oracle, and make it with loving energy. Above all, throughout the process of making your oracle and using it for messages, give thanks to the wisdom of the Aztecs. In short, Aztec spirits respond to honor, and will reciprocate your respect by offering amazing insights to your intuitive awareness.

Written by: Avia Venefica of

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