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Got a question about your general focus or direction in life, or any potential past life issues? Michele Knight reader, Lisa (ID 2211), is here to help!
In addition to being psychic, Lisa is also a karmic integration specialist.  By looking at your time, place and date of birth, she is able to explain how one of more past lives might be playing out in your present and how we can make use of such information to allow a positive transformation to take place.
Each month, Lisa will be answering as many of YOUR questions as she can.  If you would like a question answered by Lisa, email it, along with your date, place and time of birth, to


I have been through so much in my life and would love to know if I’m finally on the right path heading towards my destiny, as a make-up artist? Isabella

Lisa’s Answer

Hi Isabella,

At the time that your mother was pregnant with you there was an eclipse in Gemini. Your gift is that you have a natural ability to relate to others in a way that is meaningful and discuss anything. You may not realise it but by sharing your knowledge with others you can have a profound impact on what direction they may take. This is because you are a natural teacher and create a positive atmosphere between people. Teaching could bring more rewards for you so it maybe that passing on your skills as a make up artist could be very beneficial. Having Ceres in the 3rd house also backs this up. You are here to help to show other perspectives in life, which is exactly what a good make up artist does using creative tools. Having Pallas in Capricorn and in the 2nd house is an excellent position for this area as it supports making money from sculpturing and drafting form on the face and skeleton and from an architectural point of view so you may decide to specialise in theatrical production make up.

You have had many past lives where you have been trying to develop your personality and identity and this means that you are trying hard to do things your way. However, your lessons in this life are to be part of the group and you have 5 planets in the 11th house to support this. You probably didn’t find a sense of direction until after the age of 28 and it may be through someone else that you have decided what your path will be. This is common with your Node placement in Sagittarius. You should expand your intellect by gaining as much knowledge as you can but also remember to share that with others.

Your life in this incarnation is to have experiences that challenge yourself, You can become a leader in whatever you do. Don’t worry how long it takes – the most beautiful flowers take time to blossom. Good luck in your journey.

Keep shining,

Lisa xx


Could I have a career in the psychic field? I feel it may involve mediumship/healing and writing but have very strong feelings on not gaining from my gifts.  I am unsure how to proceed. Blessings, Tammy

Lisa’s Answer

Hi Tammy,

I found your chart very interesting Tammy because there are prominent themes running through it directly relating to your question. You have come from previous lives where you have been extremely spiritual.  In some of these lives you have devoted yourself to service in a spiritual sense but lived in poverty. This was so that your spiritual side could grow without interference from material or worldly matters. There was a lunar eclipse in Libra the day before you were born which shows that, because of these past life experiences, you now feel that you can never earn money from being a spiritual person.  Perhaps this is why you feel the way you do.  On top of this, Vesta in the 12th house indicates that you may also have been harassed or punished for your beliefs in a past life. So – you acknowledge that you have spiritual awareness in this life, which is great, but how does this karmic residue affect you?

Firstly, Pallas in Leo indicates that you can heal especially in fun, creative, artistic ways and work to help people reduce their stress levels. You can be very powerful in this way and your two planets positioned in the 11th house – Jupiter and the Moon – show that you should be working towards humanitarian goals, which could bring financial rewards to you. You can also counsel and advise as you empathise very well with others.

Going back to the Lunar Eclipse, in this life you are learning about what having means. Your Scorpio north Node and Moon in Taurus indicate a great need for feeling financially secure but you have to let go of the idea that financially things will be difficult Be open to trust that the Universe will provide in this life if you use your gifts to support humanity. Visualise money pouring in and understand that you chose this life to balance out karma. When you use truthful intent in your work, you will be rewarded for the service that you provide. Remember Libra is about balance, if you undercharge it will be like stealing from yourself and that would be repeating a cycle that has gone before. Work on connecting with group consciousness and expanding other people’s awareness – not just adults, children as well.

Good luck with your journey,

Keep shining!

Lisa xx

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