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Lisa’s Karma Clinic

Combining interior design with healing? 

Dear Lisa,

I am experiencing a very ungrounded stage in my life at the moment. I’ve trained in interior design and would ideally like to have my own “shop front”; but where and how I am not sure. I am tied to a round school run of two hours a day and have to work around this which has been playing havoc with 9-5 work. Hence my own business would be ideal but my confidence is low at the moment but spirit strong.

To muddle this up even further I am a PA and am wondering if I should be canny and combined an administration and design business but not sure if I would be seen as jack of all trades.

Lastly I have been experiencing psychic telepathy. I have had a few months of horrid mirgraines and when I have encountered people with problems I have been seeing guides behind them or hearing messages for them. I am aware that I intuitively could make a healer of some kind, perhaps link this to my design, home work and wondered if you could throw any light on my path at all.

Blessings and thank you x

Lisa Says:

Because of the Virgo Lunar Eclipse that occurred at the time you were in the womb you are very sensitive and psychic. In your previous lives you were involved in mediumship or spiritualism of some sort, but in this life you should be looking to be more grounded. You are here to learn the lesson of balancing the spiritual with the earthly physical.

The ungrounded stage that you mention is because you need to learn to discard messages that are not relevant to you personally. It’s more important that you work to make our environments the most practical and cosy they can be. Therefore your spiritual function in this life is to do practical work for others. Your Taurus North Node also shows that you need a creative outlet to give you emotional release. In this sense, both the PA work and your Interior Design work would work well, but the fact that you have studied design and your Node is in a fixed sign means you are much more likely to pursue a successful career in a subject that you have already studied – therefore I feel being an Interior Designer is what you should be doing.

Spiritual ideals

Vesta in Leo indicates that you have fantastic creative and aesthetic abilities and that you need a level of freedom to be able to work. However, the 11th house position shows favourable links to organisations or groups or maybe political or business gatherings. It is likely that you may dedicate yourself to an ideal or cause – this may be because of a ‘need or calling’ stemming from your overall spiritual awareness. So you should be thinking about focus and direction of where your creative abilities are needed. Make sure that your loyalties are to ideas that will make you feel good about yourself. Having a prominent 9th house means that you can inspire others through teaching philosophical and theoretical ideas. Maybe you could work on social housing projects, making the home greener or only using ethically sourced products.

An important theme running through your chart is that you should direct your energies at something bigger than yourself. Look at the larger picture; expand your profile out to the public. Saturn in Pisces means you should let go of past life forms of ego; your dreams should serve humanity and your career should involve social responsibility. It is then that your spiritual ideals will contribute to society and you will have a true feeling of achievement.

I hope this helps,

Keep shining!

Lisa xx



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