Lisa’s Karma Clinic – help! My mantra is ‘sorry’!

Dear Lisa

My karma question, relating to past lives is; what is the male connection and what am I meant to understand? I am surrounded by them – three brothers, two ex-husbands, two sons and they all seem to have sociopathic personalities, which gets a bit wearing at times. Abandonment features heavily in my life and my mantra appears to be the word sorry, which really gets on my nerves to say the least, because most of the time I am not sorry, so why do I say it? Like many, I tend to give a lot mentally and yet if I want a bit back, well, the cupboards are bare (excluding a few dear friends on Psychic Knight). Can you help?

Lisa says:

It’s interesting that you said you are always apologising. With Pluto in Virgo in the 8th house, you probably have subconscious memories from past lives that are all about things you may have done ‘wrong’, mistakes that you have made or non achievement. Therefore you will experience guilt at differing times whether you are conscious of it or not. Your first instinct will be to say sorry even when you haven’t done anything that you need to apologise for. You may also over analyse any inadequacies that you or others have which can make it more challenging for you to fulfil your potential. However if you view any issues you have in a positive way self improvement can come.

There was a solar eclipse in Libra while you were in the womb and that indicates that one of your gifts is to teach balance to others. You would have had times in past lives where you were overly possessive (Uranus in the 8th house and Virgo North Node) and in this life it is likely that you attract self-obsessed, protective (of their selves not you) or immature people to you. These are people who you likely leaned on in previous lives, so therefore I would suggest that there is a karmic link between you and the men in your life. You may find now that some of these people haven’t grasped the balance of giving and receiving. Because you may need to feel the balance innately within you – you may feel the need to move on to feel comfortable. The positive here is that, with having a Pisces South Node, you will get the opportunity later in life to forgive those who hurt you and also yourself for whom you may have hurt.

Your karmic lesson is to expand yourself and broaden your interests so that your immediate family does not limit you. If you can step back and view things as if you were an observer, you will be able to let things go and have a sense of calm. Through your 9th house South Node, growth can occur for you when you travel far away as possible from where you were born. Success comes from broadening your scope outwards as much as you can. Travel as much as you can.

Happy Holidays!

Good luck, Lisa xx

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