How to see Auras

Want to learn how to see auras? It’s not nearly as complicated as you may think. And, if you already can see auras, this article might help you refine your “vision.”

Firstly, as with all energetic practices, seeing auras will not come through force. It’s important to have an easy, relaxed (even playful) attitude when working with aura vision.

Secondly, not everybody is going to see auras. This does not mean the experience is lost if you can’t “see” them.

As I mentioned in an earlier article about understanding auras, they are energetic imprints and energy can be identified in more than one way. Ergo, if you can’t see auras, you can certainly learn to feel them.

If you are sensitive to feelings and emotions – this will be especially true for you. You will find you can feel auras (maybe even more clearly) the way other people may see them.

If after you practice the suggested tips below on how to see auras, you still have no success , don’t give up. You may be geared to feeling them. See the end of the article if this is the case.

So let’s get started on our journey into feeling and/or seeing auras.

You can learn how to see auras (or feel them) by yourself using a mirror, and looking at your own hands/body.

However, you may find your learning experience more yielding if you work with a friend – someone you love and trust. Preferably someone who is on your same wavelength. Someone who understands what you’re doing and isn’t going to be uber-skeptical or critical – this will only quash the experience.

How to see Auras

  • You’ve got to be relaxed. Not just your body, but also your mind and your emotions. Energetic perception does not easily yield in a tense or distracted environment. I recommend conducting your aura-seeing/feeling practices in the morning before the oft drowning details of the day begin to crash into you.
  • Dim the lights. This is another good reason to conduct this practice in the morning. Dawning light is perfect. Dark enough to see auric emanations, and not too bright as to overwhelm.
  • It may help if your partner is positioned in front of a lightly coloured, solid background. This makes the emanations more easily stand out.
  • Take some deep, cleansing breaths. Move your mind and emotions into a relaxed, dreamy space. Open up your powers of perception through your breath (soft, easy, deep breathing). Breath in Knowing. Breath out doubt.
  • Remember, in this Universe like is attracted to like. Your own energy needs to be calm, receptive and imbued with the belief that you can see/feel auras in order for your partner’s energy to be revealed to your perception.
  • You’re going to feel the groove when you’re in it. You’ll feel tingly and receptive. As you come to this place of receptivity, you will begin to see your partner in a softer, more relaxed light.
  • In this state, gaze upon your partner softly. Don’t stare directly at him/her. Instead, gently move your seeking awareness (via your eyes and your psychic perception) just around his/her body.
  • You may find concentrated attention around your partner’s head to be more revealing. Indeed, ancient teachings consistently point to the head as a strong emanator of aura (think halos).
  • Each experience is different. You may find moving your eyes/awareness to be thwarting. If this is the case, concentrate your awareness in a specific area (like the around the head and shoulders).
  • Will you see colours? As every experience is unique, you may or you may not. Even if you do not see the colours of an aura, you may see a white cottony emanation from your partner. This is indeed an aura, and no less vital than if you see colours.
  • If you’re comfortable with it, discuss what you are perceiving and seeing with your partner. Doing this may shift what you are experiencing (your partner responding to you will change the look and feel of his/her aura).
  • Practice, practice, practice. Our powers of perception are just like muscles in the body. They will only grow with consistent use. They will become developed through nurturing and practice.

Some tips on seeing auras solo

Working on your own is done similarly as with a partner. Same steps apply. However, when working alone you can use a mirror. Position yourself behind a light background as you look into the mirror. As with a partner, give soft focus to your head/shoulder area for maximum effect.

If you don’t have a mirror handy, you can work with your own aura using your hand. Raise your hand before your awareness with your fingers calmly splayed just slightly. Focus on the space between your fingers. You will begin to see soft, energetic emanations between your fingers. This is a great practice for when you’re stuck in traffic. It’s relaxing and helps to hone your psychic abilities too.

Some tips on feeling auras

Because we are all different, some of us are not going to see auras as others do. If you’ve practiced seeing auras to no avail, you may want to focus on experiencing auras empathically.

You can do this in much the same way as cited in the practice above. But, rather than focus on visual perception – concentrate your awareness in your solar plexus – the feeling centre of the body. Imagine a beam of light connecting you and your partner. Feel this beam of light connected between your solar plexus and that of your partner’s solar plexus. This light will serve as a tunnel or a channel through which impressions will be exchanged between you and your partner. Through this connection you will begin to feel impressions, sense emotions, and “pick up” on things like mood, physical status and overall levels of comfort from your partner. This is a way of experiencing auras without having to see them.

A note of caution: If you are working with empathic aura sensing, it’s important to disengage your energy from your partner fully. After you’re done with your empathic practice, simply snip the connection mentally. Picture the link turned off just as you would turn off your TV or radio. Otherwise, remnants of connection may remain and this may cause slight wonkiness in your (and your partner’s) energy.
I hope you have enjoyed these thoughts on how to see your aura.

Bear in mind, your perception is unique. No one else will experience auras exactly the way you do. This means the sky is the limit.

Don’t be bound to conformity or guidelines either. These are just some tips. Ultimately, you are going to be the one to determine how you experience the beauty of auras, and what these emanations mean to you.

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