Who Were You? How to Access Your Past Life

All the world’s a stage. And if so we have all played many many different roles over many lifetimes. If you believe in reincarnation then you know that one of the biggest soul tasks we are set in this life is to resolve issues left over from previous ones – what we call karma of course! However, for most of us, the exact nature of what we are here to learn can sometimes be elusive. Wouldn’t it be beneficial if we could access information from our past lives and gain some insight into what we are here to learn, experience and resolve? I believe we can with practice and a true willingness to being open to what we are shown along with a desire for soul growth.

Before you embark on the following exercise bear in mind that the universe, God, or whatever you choose to call it, is not judging you. So, no matter what you may see, it is an experience only designed for you to learn and grow. The person ‘judging’ you is in fact yourself! Remember, if you were perfect you wouldn’t be here!

Please ensure that your phone is either unplugged or switched off and that you won’t be disturbed for the duration of this meditation. Now, do you prefer the movies or the theatre? Close your eyes, relax and imagine yourself in the audience of a cinema or theatre according to your preference. Look around you at the other members of the audience. Are there any people there you know? Make a mental note of anyone you recognise as this may be important. See the house lights go down and either the curtain go up or the screen in front of you flicker into life.  You are now going to watch a scene from your life which happened to you quite recently enacted in front of you. This can be anything– allow your subconscious to choose for you and let go of any idea about how important this may be to the process. Just see yourself as the main player on the stage or screen and the people with you as your ‘supporting’ cast. Relive this in as much detail as possible. Relive the emotions you felt at the time and perhaps you may even spot details or new meaning behind someone else’s actions you were not aware of at the time. When the scene has ended either close the curtains or fade out the scene on the screen and allow the house lights to come back up. How do you feel about what you have just seen in hindsight? How has your audience reacted? What are they saying to each other? Is anyone saying something to you about what they have just seen? Take note of all this before moving on to the next stage.

Now, when you have finished this, allow the house lights to dim once again. The curtain goes up or an image flickers to life on the screen and this time I want you to visualise a scene from as far back as you can remember in this life – perhaps when you were a small child. Again, allow as much detail to emerge as you can. How old are you? Where were you? Who is with you? What are you doing, feeling, experiencing? If a very deep memory surfaces at this stage don’t be afraid to break off the process even for a few days while you work through any feelings around it. Take as much time as you need as often memories we’ve repressed can often re-emerge and we need time to integrate them and see how they shaped our development before moving on to the next stage.

When you are ready, imagine yourself back in the audience once again. You may notice at this point your ‘audience’ may be quite excited as if they know there is going to be something very different about this ‘performance’. You may even feel nervous yourself and a little ‘stage fright’ is normal. I want you now to start to imagine the scene you are going to see when the curtain goes up or the screen comes to life.  Relax and allow your imagination free rein and whatever you do – let go of any preconceptions about what it should be. When you are ready watch the house lights dim and the audience grow quiet. As the curtain goes up or the screen comes to life imagine it holds the scene you just imagined in vivid detail. What characters appear now? Where is it? What century is it? One of these characters is you as you were in a past life and the other actors are people you were with in that lifetime. What is happening? Whatever it is, even if it is frightening or distressing, remember – you are safe in the audience and this is just a re-enactment. Nothing can hurt or harm you. You are not just the player here – you are also the director and if it gets too upsetting you can call ‘cut’ at any time!

When you are ready for the performance to end, you can close the curtain, fade the screen to black and put the house lights back up. Take a look at your audience one last time.  How have they reacted? Do you now recognise any audience members as players from the scene you just watched even if they now look very different? Make a note of this.

Write down everything you saw. Sometimes we can make connections easily between this glimpse of our past life and the lessons and karma we are working out in this one as sometimes they can be obvious patterns that are repeating. Other times it may take a  while for what we have seen to make sense which is why it is important to write down everything while you remember it!

Don’t forget, you can repeat this exercise as often as you like and the thing is, you may end up visiting several different lifetimes while doing so. You may watch yourself as a man, as a woman and see yourself in many different guises, as if you were the most versatile actor on Earth! After a time, you will be able to recognise the souls that have travelled with you over many of these lives – and who are still with you today. This is why everything we do – especially living, is a co-production involving so many people in so many different roles but with one goal – to evolve and learn together.


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