How psychic intuition helps us learn

It seems that intuition plays a big part in how we learn.  A new study co-authored by David Haury, associate professor of education at Ohio State University, published in the Journal of Research in Science Teaching, looked at what made students accept something they were taught.

The study showed that their intuition was more important than whether they understood it or what they already knew.  It seems that there is a moment when we are taking information in at which our intuition pipes us and says, ‘Yes, we go along with this!’ or ‘No, we don’t agree with this!’ and from there, we file the information accordingly.

This brilliant study shows how our psychic intuition shows up right across our lives.  When we think about psychic intuition and how we use it, we might think about tuning in to work out whether someone is telling us a few porkies or whether going along to a course is a good idea.  But I love the fact that it shows up just as strongly in learning.

I also love this research because it shows athat when we are in the classroom at least it seems we do listen to what our psychic antennae say!  So often we drown our psychic intution out or push it to one side.   Sometimes it’s because we don’t trust our intuitive capabilities, and at others because our psychic intuition wants us to go one way and for all sorts of reasons we’d much rather go another.

We go on a date when our intuition is shouting, ‘Are you kidding?  This is no good for you!  This isn’t what we want!’ or we don’t apply for a particular job because we don’t think we’ve got the right background or experience when our intuition is screaming, ‘This has our name stamped all over it!’

Whilst we turn mental cartwheels trying to work out what in our lives is fate, destiny and where we can flex our free will, our intuition is there all the time, acting as a guiding force to help us move through fate and use our free will to embrace our destiny.  And, it seems, that includes what we learn along the way!

Loads of love,

Michele x

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