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Psychic Readings – Be curious about the future but don’t deny the present

Speaking to a psychic can be a liberating and inspirational experience. It is a time when one spirit connects to another in love; and from there, intuitive messages and information can be accessed; in order to deliver a specific and detailed reading very personal to you. Understanding the true essence of the word ‘spirit‘ can enrich a psychic reading; and help you get the very best from your chosen reader. We all have a god-source within our psyche; regardless of our own personal belief system or chosen spiritual path. There is a fundamentally deep inner awareness that can be accessed.

I would like to share with you some helpful tips to observe and be mindful of before you have a reading. This can hopefully allow you to look at things from a different perspective and be prepared! The word psychic can still sometimes conjure up images of an old lady gazing into a crystal ball in a mystical looking tent. The reality is we are here in the modern world; living ordinary lives and evolving spiritually with each day that passes. Let us share with you in the spirit of humility!

Emphasis on the future

Anyone thinking of having a psychic reading will probably have questions regarding the future; or want to see what the psychic can pick up about the future before any questions are asked. This is completely fine but sort of under-mimes how a reading can really help you. The majority of us have been at a crossroads with our professional lives; and desire to know of any new employment opportunities. Or, even to ask if an ex lover might end up back on the scene. So let’s use one of these as a prime example!
If your reader told you they could see that your lover would be back, you may very well sit back and wait for all of this to unfold. Then potentially find yourself frustrated and cursing the psychic who told you these things if it doesn’t come to fruition.
A good reader should never tell you what you want to hear; or give you ‘yes or no’ answers without any background information to back it up. A slight tweaking of your intentions before a reading can work wonders for both you and the psychic. Observe your own reasons and motives as to why you want to ask about an ex. Is your ex coming back really what your heart desires? Or is the mind-created illusion a lot more marvellous than it seems? With social media being so vibrant, chances are we’re all going to come across an ex. Know yourself and what YOU want before you enquire about anyone else. This way there will not be any crossed wires!
Asking about how someone else feels is fair enough; but more often than not, we’re actually trying to find out how WE feel and what WE think; only we unconsciously project it on to the other person.

Seek and you shall find

Having a reading can be a part of the solution. It is said that Jesus would wander off to lonely places and spend days in solitude; contemplating and receiving divine guidance in the stillness. We too should imitate this act by creating a sacred space in our homes; so we can tune into our higher power. Making a daily attempt to enter your ‘dwelling place’ and listening to the silence can reveal things to you that can be so profound.
The information given to you in a psychic reading can be used as an ingredient, so you can put the phone down and continue to allow the listening ear of your heart guide you on your way. In this way, you’re allowing the reading to come to fruition in its natural way and still putting your own essence on it. Use the reading as a guideline and the outcome will be a lot more achievable. This is the power of inter-connection.

Keep your inner space clear

Unfortunately, there are a lot of people out there who do not have psychic ability but are happy to give readings just for the money. This is where you as the client can take a bit of control back when it comes to trying to find a decent reader. If you have a reading done when you’re incredibly vulnerable and your emotions are all over the place, this is a magnet for disingenuous and unlawful readers to swoon in on your vulnerability. If possible, avoid having any readings done until you feel in a good place and have lots of love and stability around you! This way you will feel in a position to know if a reader is genuine or a complete charlatan.
You won’t get angry or distraught by what you are told if you are in a place of inner peace, you’ll know the truth on a soul-level. Be selective and allow yourself to be drawn to a specific reader. Once you find someone who blows you away, this can be an immense feeling and a rapport can be built that lasts a life-time.  In the same way you may find a hairdresser who just ‘gets’ what you are looking for, with time and faith, you too can find a psychic reader who nails it every time!

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