Have We Discovered Proof Of Telepathy?

Some exciting research in India suggests that telepathy can be seen to occur via an MRI scanner. The International Journal for Yoga report that a group at the National Institute of mental health and neuroscience used an MRI scanner to measure the response of the experiment with the very latest technology.

In the experiment a famous ‘mentalist’ known for his telepathic skills was monitored while he carried out what appeared to be a successful telepathic reading of a subject in another MRI scanner. The mentalist Mr Gerard Senehi brain showed “significant activation of the right parahippocampal gyrus after successful performance of a telepathic task” the other person being monitored showed activity in the left side.

They concluded that “The findings of this study are suggestive of a limbic basis for telepathy and warrant further systematic research.”

I firmly believe we are heading towards a time where we will be able to scientifically prove psychic and paranormal abilities and that we are evolving our consciousness rapidly and  in such a way that our psychic, telepathic and empathic abilities are rapidly increasing.

Have you ever had a telepathic experience? Do you believe psychic ability will ever be scientifically proven and is that important to you?

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