Discover Your Psychic Power Centres.

Have you ever said ‘I had a gut feeling’? Or ‘I was so overwhelmed I choked on my words’? ‘I couldn’t breathe’? If so, chances are you were receiving insights via your psychic power centre. Just like there are many different psychic styles, each of us receives our information through a different psychic ‘power centre’ in our body and this varies between each of us and can change over time.

You already know where the psychic power centres are if you are familiar with the chakras or energy meridians that are located in the body. Most psychics channel information via one of these whether they are aware of it or not. But what surprises many people is that we may not necessarily be receiving our insights via the third eye or the crown chakra. All the charkas represent doorways or channels to spiritual insight and the chances are that you psychic power centre could be any one of them.

To discover which chakra is your gateway, first have a think back as to whether you have ever said ‘I felt a tightness in my chest’, ‘My heart stopped’, ‘I felt pressure between my eyes’ when you had a sudden flash of insight about someone or something. If you get the same feeling around one chakra over and over again this is usually the centre where your intuition enters. If you’re still not certain, don’t worry. The following meditation will help you tap into your psychic power zone.

Make sure you won’t be disturbed (turn off your phone) and sit or lay down in a comfortable position. Form a question in your mind that you would like to receive insight into. It can be specific such as ‘Will I get a new job in the next six months?’ or more general such as ‘Is there anything I need to know about my relationship with so-and-so?’

Now, holding your question in your mind, focus on your base chakra which is located at the bottom of your spine. Imagine yourself breathing in the colour red while thinking about your question. Do you feel a tightness of surge of energy from this chakra as you do? Are you receiving images or impressions? Don’t worry if nothing happens. After a few moments shift your focus now upwards to your sacral chakra. Again, hold your question in your mind while imagining yourself bathed in the colour orange. Note if there is any tingling in your chakra or if you are receiving any flashes of insight.

Keep on moving your focus up through your charkas – to your solar plexus chakra (yellow), your heart chakra (green), throat chakra (blue), brow (third eye, purple) and crown (indigo) until you arrive at the chakra that responds to you. This is usually in the form of a slight tension in the body area where the chakra is located. Once you have that repeat your question and wait to see what comes through.

All your chakras are energy centres and remember, no chakra is ‘better’ than another because it’s located in the heart or the head so be open to the one where the information is flowing from. Once you know which one it is you will be able to tap in and open up this power centre whenever you need guidance or information. Identifying your psychic power centre is a valuable tool for developing your intuition.

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