Developing Your Psychic Skills: Psychometry

As psychics we have so many tools at our disposal and as you develop your skills you will find that some work better for you than others. Psychometry involves handling or touching objects belonging to someone to pick up information about the people connected to the object. It’s an intriguing combination of normal psychic awareness plus the ability to tune into the ‘energy waves’ generated by the object. And as we know – all matter in the universe is nothing more than energy.

When we handle or wear objects a lot – especially jewellery, we leave ‘energy patterns’ on them that retain information. Many psychics use rings, watches, necklaces – objects made of metal, but there is no set of rules that says it has to be jewellery as other psychics have had successful with cloth. The item does need to have been in regular contact with the wearer however for you to get a good reading. Psychometry is often used by psychics helping the police in missing persons and murder cases as the handling of the object enables them to create a link to the person.

If you’d like to try your hand at psychometry then it’s as easy as asking a friend to give you an object – preferably belonging to someone they know but you don’t know that well. That way you’ll be able to get feedback as to how accurate your impressions are.

Place the object in the palm of your hand and then place your other hand on top of it. If after a few moments an image pops into your mind, mention this to your friend. You may then find that more images start arriving and often these are everyday things but don’t dismiss them as they can turn out to be incredibly relevant. Just keep telling your friend what you are seeing. You may also find you are picking up on the emotions of the person to whom the object belongs, so mention these as well. The next stage is to build on these pictures and feelings and start to form a story about what is going on in the person’s life. Don’t make things up. Go with what you truly feel is happening.

Psychometry is like any other psychic skill, it can take a while to master. The more you try however, the better you will become as your mind will get used to receiving the information in this way. Accept as with learning any psychic skill that while you may be shown correct information, it may take practice before you interpret it correctly. Many people give up too soon when it comes to learning any psychic skill, feeling they are getting things wrong when very often all that is wrong is that they need to learn to interpret what they are being shown the right way – that is the thing that takes the time!

So, take your time and always remember that no psychic became skilled overnight. Never forget you are dealing with real people and real emotions but that provided you always approach the information you receive from a place of truth, you can never really go wrong.



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