Psychic Development 101: Channeled Writing and Inspiration

One day in 1965, a psychologist working in the New York Presbyterian Hospital heard a voice inside her head say ‘This is a Course in Miracles – please take notes’. At first, Dr. Helen Schuchman found this disturbing and in fact ignored it entirely! However, when she began to research Edgar Caycee’s work on psychic phenomenon, she discovered a method he used; which he referred to as Inspirational Writing. He noted that there appeared to be no limit to the amount of knowledge and wisdom one could channel through this method. Unable to ignore the voice telling her to takes notes any longer, Dr. Schuchman began to do just that and what we now know as A Course in Miracles was born.

Channeled Writing

Channeled writing is a means of channeling wisdom and inspiration for creativity; and even guidance that we can all tap into. All you need to do this are a pen and paper. As with any psychic practice, please ensure your phone is unplugged or turned off; and that you won’t be disturbed while doing this exercise. If you like, you can light a candle. This exercise is best performed sitting upright at a table/desk rather than sitting on your couch or a bed.

Open your notebook or journal at a blank page in front of you. Ensure your feet are firmly planted on the ground.


Take a couple of deep breaths in and out to relax yourself. Feel any tension or worries leaving your body as you do so. To begin with, it’s best to just be open to what comes through for you. As you practice, you can then move on to asking specific questions and receiving the answers. You might want to either think or say out loud:

‘I am now open to whatever insight and inspiration the universe wants to share with me today’.

When you are ready, pick up your pen and pencil. Begin to write down whatever thoughts come into your head.

Please don’t edit, judge, analyse or censor them at this stage; or you will interfere with or even block the flow. Just keep writing. Often our conscious mind can try to take control of the process and start telling us that what we are writing is irrelevant or just plain rubbish. Don’t allow this to happen -write through it if you can or if the nagging becomes too loud then put down your pen for a few moments, take another couple of deep breaths to ground yourself and begin again.

Your higher self

Very often you will be amazed that you have channeled at the very least, loving messages from your higher self, answers to questions or problems you may be facing, or inspiration for creative work – after all – that’s where the word comes from – in-spirit! Sometimes what you have written will no make immediate sense to you however but don’t judge it. Very often when you re-read it weeks or months down the track you will find that this was sent to you in advance of the situation you are now in and now makes perfect sense! Sometimes you will realise that what you have channeled is a reflection of what is going on in the collective as opposed to what’s happening for you personally, but you can use this insight to bring a universal perspective to world affairs.

Always remember to thank the universe, spirit, your guiding angel or your muse or whomever or whatever you believe in responsible for sharing this insight with you when you are finished. Your connection to it or them will only grow over time as you literally write from a place of inspiration and meaning.

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