Chakra Colours for Healing and Wisdom

We’ve all heard of balancing chakras and using the chakras for meditation, but healing with chakra colours is a little less known. This article explores the potential healing power behind the colours of the chakras.

The ancient concept of chakras comes to us by way of India, where the wisdom of Hinduism describes the chakra as an energetic centre with remarkable influence over mind, body and spirit.

Chakras live in versions of our bodies that are invisible – our spiritual body. Although we can’t physically see the chakras in our bodies, we can still access chakra energy through the body and through our minds.

Take a moment to visualize a version of yourself that is completely non-physical. This is you, but you are all energy, wispy, sparkly, ephemeral and free.

Within this intangible spirit-body of yours, picture seven swirling chakras aligned with your spine and running down from crown to tailbone. If you’re stuck, use the illustration above to get an idea of your visualization.

Now, for the psychic healing part. Each chakra vibrates at a specialized frequency, has unique qualities and each chakra glows with its own vibrant colour.

Likewise, each of the chakra colours can induce a specific quality within the body when we activate it in the etheric realm (through focused attention, meditation or invocation).

The chart below is a loose guide to the quality each of these chakra colours elicit:

Colour Chakra Quality

Root Passion, Action, Sensuality

Sacral Creativity, Awakening, Opening

Solar Plexus Clarity, Vitality, Intelligence

Heart Healing, Loving, Growth

Throat Calming, Soothing, Communicating

Third Eye Depth, Contemplation, Inner Knowing

Crown Expanse, Evolving, Acceptance, Awareness

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