Be Your Own Psychic – Getting What You Want

The fact is we are all born incredibly intuitive but the majority of us aren’t lucky enough to be born into families which encourage us to use these gifts. We therefore think that we’re not particularly psychic when in fact all we need to do is reconnect to our abilities. However, there’s no arguing with the fact that this takes time. While there’s no sure fire way to fast track your psychic skills there is a way you can start to see immediate improvements in your abilities and that’s to start to use your intuition in a way that connects you to your deepest passion. In other words, you start to focus your intuitive abilities on your goals.

You’re going to need your trusty journal to start this one and I hope you’ve not neglected the most basic step of goal-getting which is to write them all down. If you have – well, this article will be right here waiting for you when you get back from doing that! For the rest of you, take a good look at your list. What does it contain? Most people’s goals revolve around soul connections (relationships) and soul purpose (career). Money is a by-product of following your soul purpose as are the things you will buy with the money (a lovely home, a nice car etc). Take a minute and just sit with your goal list. What is the one that is ‘pulling’ you or igniting your passion right now? That is the one to start with.

If your primary goal right now is a soul connection: Where do you think you would meet them? When you have met this special person is there anywhere particular you would like to go on a date with them? What would you like the two of you to be doing? Write down everything that comes to you. If you have a particular place or activity in mind to share with your mate when they appear, take your journal and go there and write down what additional information you are picking up. If it is not possible for you to do that then you can always log on to the venue’s site on the internet or search for photos of couples engaged in the kind of activity you imagine yourself sharing with your partner. Again, write down everything that comes to you.

If your primary goal is to do with your soul purpose: You may be thinking about setting up your own business, studying, creating something unique or working towards that dream job. Again, see yourself actually setting up that business, getting a deal on your novel, landing that role, graduating or receiving that phone call telling you you’ve got the job. Write down every piece of information that’s coming to you. If you want to work for a specific company go onto their website or if you can go to their place of business. Again, write down everything that coming to you about the steps you can take to make your goals a reality. If your goal involves getting your book published or exhibiting your art then go to a bookshop or art gallery and imagine your work on the shelf or hanging from the wall. Write down anything no matter how ‘way out’ it may seem.

If your primary goal involves something tangible such as a fabulous new home or car: Understand it is your feelings that hold the key to manifesting these goals. Again, write down everything that comes to you when you think of this goal. Look at pictures of the house or whatever it is on the internet. Imagine how you would feel opening the door of your dream home or driving your new car. Stay with the feelings not with the thing itself and then write down everything that occurs to you intuitively to tap into this feeling as this is what will bring the goal to you.

This exercise will often provide you will an amazing amount of information on ways to reach your goal that might otherwise never have occurred to you. When you have reached it and re-read what you have written you will be amazed at how accurately you were able to ‘tune in’ to this information. The key to this exercise is to follow your passion as that is what fuels the intuitive process. As your confidence in your psychic ability grows you will be able to utilise it more and more in other areas of your life but there is no better way to practice than to use it to reach your dreams.


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