Be Your Own Psychic: Getting Accurate Answers

One of the questions that crops up the most for anyone developing their psychic skills is: ‘How do I know the difference between my intuition and wishful thinking?’ It can take some practice to know the difference between true spiritual insight and the outcome we may wish for and to have the courage to recognise it!

Our psychic abilities are like any other – we have to work to hone them. If your ambition is to be an Olympic athlete you don’t expect to just turn up at the Olympic Games and win a medal. You know you would have to train for many years and go through many stages of competition to even be selected for the Olympics. Well, your psychic abilities are no different but you would be amazed how quickly you can start getting the accurate answers you need in a relatively short time just with just a simple technique.

The mistake most people make is that they start out by trying to get an accurate answer about something they have a great deal of attachment to and wish for truly, madly, deeply. For example you may have had a break-up and really want to have a reconciliation. Or you really, really want to get a certain job. You undoubtedly have a great deal of emotional investment in the outcome to questions like these. If you’re reading for someone close to you, you may know their expectations about a certain outcome – and that’s when we can start to mistake true insight for wishful thinking. Like an athlete training for a major competition, we need to start small and as we flex our psychic muscles, work up to the big stuff!

First, to learn the difference between what you want to happen and what the outcome will be you need to start with asking questions that you have no emotional attachment to the outcome. Set yourself three or four simple ones – and choose them so you will be able to verify the accuracy of your insights fairly quickly. For example, if your company is hiring someone for a new position and you see the candidates but are not part of the hiring process, you might like to see if by just looking at them, you can pick the one who gets the job. Or you can pick a sporting fixture and try to predict which team will win. Another tactic is to pick a stock or share you have no investment in and predict if it will go up or down by the end of the week. Just simple tasks. Once you have decided on what answers you seek make some quiet time and have your journal to hand. You can use your tarot cards if you want, or just rely on your psychic skills or use a combination of both. Phrase your question in a way which you can receive an answer and be open minded to what comes through. Don’t forget – you could feel that no team will win – they could draw. The stocks may stay the same or return to their opening point and nobody could be hired at this time! What is important when you do receive your information is to note how it comes through and most importantly of all – how you are feeling. Do you notice one of your senses heightened? Do colours look brighter? Are noises louder? Do you feel excited? Breathless? Any tension in a part of your body? Tingling? Write down everything you are feeling as well as the outcome you’re predicting.

What you will notice very quickly with this exercise is that when you are right you will have the same kind of feelings each time – the information will come in the same way, you will have the same ‘gut’ reaction to it and the same changes will take place in your physiology. Practice this over a few weeks and keep writing down your feelings and look for what was different if you have ‘misses’. Were you tired? Worried? Stressed? Unwell? You will then get to know what effects your accuracy.

Over the weeks, start to move from questions you have no investment in to those you do beginning with some that you have a certain amount of attachment to and slowly work your way up to the big ones. Don’t forget – very often something doesn’t work out the way we want it to for a very good reason and that is usually because the universe wants something better for us. Keep writing down those feelings and responses and soon you’ll be unable to ignore the clear difference between a true outcome and one you may wish for. Soul truth is what intuition is really all about.

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