All about our psychic Strawberry

Our beautiful, strong and grounded Strawberry talks about her psychic readings.


“I have had two readings with her today. I was very confused and going through an emotional turmoil through losing my dear Mother on 29 December 2014. Strawberry helped me to break everything down into smaller parts and then to deal with matters in separate ways. Strawberry described the characteristics of Mother as if she knew her so well. She talked about my new business venture as if I had already purchased the shop, and described the shop layout to me in great detail. She also spoke of my Father like she knew him describing his temperament and character so precisely. Spoke of family matters as if she was there with me experiencing with me firsthand which I found really healing. I will definitely be speaking to Strawberry again very soon. I don’t know how I would have got through today if I hadn’t spoken to Strawberry.”

“I’ve just had a reading with Strawberry and she was excellent. She predicted something for me six months ago which happened in the time frame she said.”

“I’d like to thank the wonderful Strawberry (2177) for my recent reading. I recently discovered some unsettling news and despite endless hours on the phone to my amazing friends I could not find light at the end of the tunnel. Strawberry tapped into my situation very quickly and provided me with startling precision on the events and people involved. In fact one of her predictions came true that very day! I will definitely return to her for more readings as she not only gave me clarity but the relief I so desperately needed in my darkest hour. Strawberry, you are a truly gifted and fantastic psychic.”

“I had a reading from Strawberry and wow she was amazing. Even as far as special calender dates I have coming up. Will definitely use Strawberry again, for heads up on anything. I would love to say big big thanks Strawberry.”

“I have had many readings with Strawberry since the start of the year.  I cannot stress enough how she has helped me through one of the most difficult times in my life.  Her ability to really listen and then give guidance accordingly remembering everything I have ever told her, makes her a truly unusual psychic. Her calm,  reassuring and grounded manner means that I always come off the phone feeling in a much better place than when we started. Thank you so much Strawberry, couldn’t do this without you.”

“Tonight I had a reading with Strawberry and what a lovely lady she is. I had had a restless night the night before and was feeling rather low about a particular situation. Strawberry asked for my DOB and quickly put my mind at rest. She described the situation and person involved. She did not veer off the question asked and answered any other question I asked clearly and thoroughly. Strawberry told me how to handle the current situation and gave a prediction over the coming weeks/months. I found Strawberry very soothing to talk to and empathetic to my given situation. I have never had a reading with Strawberry before but I will definitely have one again with her if need be.”

“I had a wonderful reading today with Strawberry. She left me feeling uplifted and calm regarding my issue. This is exactly what I would expect from a reading. She calmed my fears and anxiety over the problem I had.”

“I have just had a brilliant reading with Strawberry. She was a very lovely lady and picked up on the situation with my partner and work issues straight away without any prompting. I was amazed and will definatly be calling her again, it has helped me a great deal”

“I have just had a reading with your new reader Strawberry and have to say that it was a very positive experience. Another great addition to your team of wonderful psychics Michele.”

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