Advanced Psychic Development Techniques – In Their Shoes

Advanced Psychic Development Techniques – In Their Shoes

Working on developing our psychic skills not only benefits our intuition but can have unexpected uses in other areas of our lives. We’ve all heard the saying ‘Walk a mile in someone else’s shoes’? I’m now going to share with you a technique that will help you start to try on someone’s entire life for size – leading to powerful intuitive insights.

A few weeks ago I published an article on MK on the power of books. In it I talked about how we can lose ourselves inside fictional worlds and end up changing our thoughts and behaviours to match those of our favourite characters. Well, this technique which I will share with you today is based on that because it starts with stepping into the ‘shoes’ of one of your favourite fictional characters.

For argument’s sake let’s say your favourite book is Pride & Prejudice. You can easily identify with outspoken and strong-willed Lizzie – and are perhaps wishing for your equivalent of Mr. Darcy to appear! From the description Jane Austen has given you in her book as well as the numerous film and TV adaptations, you have a pretty good idea of how Lizzie Bennet looked and dressed.

Now, make sure you’re not going to be interrupted and get comfortable just as if you are preparing to meditate. Relax and imagine yourself in the bedroom of Elizabeth Bennet (or whichever character you have chosen). You are now going to try on her clothes.

Stepping into character

Create a wardrobe in your mind of clothes she would wear and imagine taking them out of her closet. Imagine you are putting them on. Make it as detailed as you like – after all, there would be no zippers in Regency times – everything would be buttoned, hooked or laced! As you ‘wear’ your characters clothes sense how they feel and think. What are their fears? What do they love the most about their life as it is right now? How do they eat their food? As you really notice how their clothes feel on your back, go further into their character.

Ask them about their life, how they feel about the way their story developed in the book and what they really feel about the other characters. The answers may surprise you!

You can remain in this meditation for as long as you like. You can try on other characters clothes or else try a new character from a different story. When you are ready come out of the meditation and jot down everything you felt, experienced or just intuitively ‘knew’ about your character.

The more you do this, the more you will connect to your characters and as you become more and more proficient you will be able to start to do this with real people and gather a lot of information about them in a very short time. Once you have mastered this technique you will be able to do this in seconds.

Further insight

As a bonus, if you are writing a book report or are in a book club you can use this technique to bring a new level of depth and insight into your essay or discussion which will astound everybody!

We can only truly ‘tune into’ someone when we know what it is like to be them and live their lives. By walking into a characters wardrobe we literally can become them in the same way an actor can create a character in a film or play that is 100% authentic. Use this technique to not only take your abilities to a new level but to enhance your understanding and empathy.

My real favourite author is L R Fredericks who has just got a fantastic new book coming out on the 5th July called Fate. Her first book Farundell blew my mind and although Fate is a prequel to Fate you can read Fate as a stand alone. I love her books as they capture magic and are the perfect books for the above exercise. Check out her website I cannot recommend them highly enough

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