Advanced Psychic Development Techniques – Vibration Shifting

Advanced Psychic Development Techniques – Vibration Shifting

Most of us on a soul development path are aware that our thoughts create our world and therefore our future. But while our thoughts are our own, we are part of the collective and how we perceive that collective is shaped by – our thoughts. We are also interacting with others and their thoughts. To take this one step further, as we understand more about quantum creating and cosmic ordering, how do we as psychics ensure that we are acting in a way that empowers our clients? When we explain to a client what we are seeing as a likely outcome for their future – for better or worse, do we therefore create it for them on some level?

As I’ve thought about this paradox and how it has related to my own work and soul growth over the years, I’ve realised that one of the key skills a good psychic brings to a reading is the art of Vibration Shifting. To put it simply, as we progress in our psychic development we become more and more aware of our energy and of the ‘frequency’ it is vibrating at. With this comes the ability of course to ‘tune in’ to the frequency of others – and of even objects or events to obtain a reading. This requires us to change our own vibrational frequency so it ‘resonates’ or is in-tune with whatever it is we are looking to gain more information about.

Practice on objects

The easiest way to start to do doing this is to practice on objects first. To begin, centre yourself and start to take note of your own energy frequency. Are you up-beat, anxious, pensive, open, closed? Remember, you are not here to judge your vibration right now, just to observe what it is. Now pick up the object you have chosen. What colour is it? What is the vibration of that colour? Is it heavy or is it light? What does that vibration feel like? Is the object associated with a particular person or place and if so, what is their vibration?

Once you have formed an impression of this then compare it to you own vibration. Chances are while you were concentrating on your object your own vibration would have moved more in sync. Now see if you can move it closer so it is resonating at the same frequency. Once you have done this then see what extra information you can get from it.

To gain more experience with this, ask friends to give you objects to ‘read’ and provide feedback as to how accurate you are. Once you are confident with this you can start to move on to people, again, aligning your own vibration to theirs.


When it comes to empowering a client or changing an outcome in a reading they wish to avoid, you can assist with this in two ways. Obviously your own vibration will be having an effect on your client. If you are radiating trust and empowerment they will pick up on that and start to reflect this vibration in their own life. To assist in changing an outcome to one which may be more in alignment with the client’s growth, first visualise that outcome, read its vibration and then bring your own into alignment with it. Again, the client will then start to align their own accordingly – coming ‘into sync’ with what they want.

If you think this sounds difficult I can tell you that you have already accomplished this many times before probably without realising it.  When we go on holiday we often ‘pack’ our stresses – arriving at our destination still in the same mind-set we were in when we left the office. After a few days however, we ‘down-shift’ our energy. If we have chosen to holiday some place where the pace of life is slower and more relaxed, we find ourselves changing our own vibration accordingly.

This technique can also be used as a powerful aid to quantum creating. We can tune into the vibration of the outcome or thing we want to manifest in our lives and adjust ours accordingly, drawing it to us faster as a result. Like attracts like after all!




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