One Easy Step to Access Deep Intuitive Wisdom (on any subject!)

One Easy Step to Access Deep Intuitive Wisdom (on any subject!)

All of us need guidance or simply more insight into a particular situation at some time or another. Or we may just be looking to hone our own psychic skills. I believe firmly in de-mystifying the intuitive process simply because I know that intuition is something we are all born with. When we were very young we used to access this ability without thinking about it. However, unless we are very lucky, as we get older we find we are discouraged from doing this. But the fact is, whether we know it or not, our intuition is constantly feeding us information about people, situations or providing us answers to the questions we are asking. All we need to do is tap back into it and it isn’t as difficult as many of us may think whether we consider ourselves ‘psychic’ or not.

Are you ready to try it?

The only thing you’re going to need is a notebook and pen for this. The reason I’m asking you to do this is so that you can gain confidence in the answers your intuition is giving you. Unless you write them down you are unlikely to remember every detail and also there is the danger that you may dismiss something your intuition tells you. Often information you’ve dismissed turns out to be accurate and relevant when you re-read it later.

Decide on your question. This is a must! It’s no use being ambiguous otherwise you won’t get a clear answer. And asking questions like ‘Will I ever meet my soul partner?’ isn’t useful as the answer may well be yes, but you have not given your intuition a framework within which to work (yes, but when you are 40 and you’re now 24 is counter-productive!). Frame a question around something you need to know about RIGHT NOW. An example would be: ‘Is there anything additional I need to know about my work presentation in two weeks’ time to ensure I get the result I am after?’ or ‘What insights do I need to enable me to make a soul-connection to a potential partner?’.

Your intuitive core

Now, take your focus off your question and let your focus go deep into your body to the place you know is your intuitive ‘core’. This is usually one of your chakras and the chakra can vary so please don’t think you are doing something wrong if you feel your ‘core’ isn’t where it should be. It’s your core – not someone else’s and there is no right or wrong place for it to be!

Now, take a deep breath and expand your focus out from your core until you reach your skin. What do you notice? What feelings, sensations, thoughts are running through your body/mind? Where is your attention now you have moved it away from your core? Just mentally note this for now.

Next, expand your focus out from your body to all that you can see, hear and feel around you. This can be the room you are in or as far as you can see if you are outdoors. Again, now your focus is ‘bigger’ what are you noticing? What sensations do you notice and most importantly, what kind of thoughts, memories or associations are you coming up with? Again, mentally note this down.

Expand your focus

Finally, expand your focus as far as it wishes to go. Beyond the room you’re in, what you can see, hear, feel and sense right now. Perhaps it doesn’t want to go any further and if so that’s fine. But if your attention wants to take you on a mental journey somewhere – be it to another place/country/solar system/dimension that’s fine too. Once more notice what you perceive and above all, what you intuitively know about where you are and where or what your attention is on at each stage.

Return your attention back to you and write down everything – and I do mean everything you saw, felt, sensed, knew, connected or remembered during this exercise.

And that’s it. Your attention and where it took you has provided you with the answer to your question. At its most basic this is known as ‘free association’. On the surface there may be no apparent connection to your question and where your attention wandered. But as you write down everything you’ll start to make connections.

You can use this powerful one-step tool to obtain insights into any area of your life whether it’s family, love, career or money and after a while you’ll be truly amazed at the connections your intuition makes to deliver you the knowledge you’re seeking.



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