1 Minute Psychic Class! #1

Do you want to take your psychic skills to the next level and expand your intuition? Also boost your creativity and clairvoyant ability – in just a minute? I’m going to give you some short but powerful psychic exercises in my 1 minute psychic class!

Need an answer to something quickly? Just want to work on your psychic skills but feel you have no time? Then get ready to discover truths, uncover answers and expand your clairvoyant abilities as you go about your everyday business. I’m introducing 30 x 1 minute psychic exercises you can literally do anywhere and at any time. Each one is slightly different so pick the one which best suits you, your circumstances and the answer you seek or try them all.

Bear in mind that these exercises are all designed to get your intuition working so while some or even none of them may not seem to be directly about what it is you need an answer for, they open you up to receiving the information you’re looking for.

Number 1: Look around you. Pick out six circular objects or six objects of the same colour. What connections can you make between them? What do they remind you of? Are they in any way connected to either someone you know or a situation that is going on for you right now? Think about all the connections you can make now. It doesn’t matter how random or obscure these may be or if they do not appear to relate to anything that is going on around you.

The object of this exercise is free-association. When we can make associations between random objects, people or events that may not on the surface be connected, we open ourselves up to receiving in-depth information on what we do want to know. Practice this and change what six things you are seeking each time. You will begin to be amazed at what connections you start to make. Write down what you get and see if there is a deeper message coming through.

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