Your 20 Min Psychic Success Workout – Get psychic Fit

Your 20 minute Psychic Success Workout

Get psychic Fit

Looking to boost your intuition, psychic abilities, knowledge of the Tarot or even your creativity? Then it’s time to take your psychic fitness seriously. Just like you would schedule a workout at the gym, your yoga class or a time to go running; psychic fitness requires that you commit to a routine in order for you to receive the maximum benefit. Most of us lead extremely busy lives. So, I’ve devised a program that can fit into the busiest schedules; yet offer the maximum return for the effort you put in to it. All you need to do is set aside 20 minutes a day.

But, there’s one more crucial aspect to your psychic fitness program. And that is to set an alarm to let you know when the 20 minutes are up. The purpose of this is to show you exactly how much you can achieve in that 20 minutes; especially if you believe that 20 minutes is not enough time.


Before you sit down you should have decided what it is you are hoping to achieve. Do you want to focus on increasing your intuition? Do you want to study a particular topic or just boost your creativity if you are stuck? Ensure you have whatever it is you need to hand before you begin; your Tarot cards if that is what you are studying, any books or reference materials, an object or picture, a pen and notebook or a sketch book. What you need will be dictated by what it is you want to achieve.

You can light candles or incense or play ambient music if you like.

Immerse yourself

When you are ready start, your alarm and begin – whether it’s writing down your impressions of something or anything that comes into your head, meditating on an object or a Tarot card, reading a reference book – don’t look at the clock – immerse yourself completely in whatever it is you are doing and on nothing else.

When the alarm does go off, stop what you are doing immediately and take note of how much you have read, written, or just absorbed on a psychic level. Most people are amazed at how much can be achieved in 20 minutes.

As you progress with your process, you will find that you will in fact achieve more and more during the time period as the process accelerates. It’s similar to getting physically fit – as you get fitter you can run further or exercise more within the same period – well, psychic fitness is no different.


You’ll receive more insights, more inspiration and more confidence in your abilities the more you continue. If part of your process is writing then don’t forget to write the date when you start so you can keep a record of your progress. As you relax and go deeper into the process you’ll become more and more attuned to universal energy and be able to apply your skills to all areas of your life.

Just as your pay-off for committing to a physical fitness regimen is a healthier, fitter, better you, the pay off for your commitment to a psychic fitness program extends far beyond enhancing your psychic skills but aligns mind, body and spirit. Just 20 minutes a day can pay big soul dividends so start your workout today.

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