Your Holiday Season Spiritual Detox!

Your Holiday Season Spiritual Detox!

We’re told ‘tis the season to be jolly/for giving/for families and above all, encouraged to eat more, drink more, party more and spend more than the previous year. Now, don’t get me wrong – I love the holiday season and everything about it but Holy Goddesses how do we manage it all?  To keep things in perspective as we head towards the holiday period – let’s look at how we can keep a soul balance and bring real meaning and enjoyment to the proceedings by doing a spiritual detox as we go.

1: Eat, drink and be merry.

Sure – just don’t go overboard. Lots of rich, fatty foods you wouldn’t normally consume plus increased alcohol consumption lowers our spiritual vibration and we should look at this affect more than focussing on our waistline. By all means enjoy yourself but try to avoid too many processed foods. Does your body really want that 10th mince pie? You know the answer to that.

2: Give, give, give.

Every year most of us have more people to buy for. We’re told by the media that what we spend is a measure of how much we love the person. If you’re feeling the pressure – mostly on your wallet, perhaps it’s time to step back. Ask yourself whether spending a lot of money on presents is really the gift you need to be giving right now. The perfect gift for someone may not be something that costs a lot of money. In fact it might not cost anything at all except for your time. That single parent friend of yours might appreciate you offering to babysit more than that expensive bottle of wine or perfume.

Instead of a games console that child might like, you could take them on a day out for a real experience instead of a virtual one. By all means if you know someone has set their heart on something and you can afford to give it to them, then we know that the expression on their face when they unwrap it is the best present you could have given to yourself. But don’t feel pressured to give more than you can afford. Sometimes the best present we can give someone is literally our ‘presence’.

3: Fa-la-la-la-la:

Embracing the holiday spirit nowadays means we are labelled Scrooges if we don’t accept each and every invitation that heads our way and become the life and soul of the party. Some people need more downtime than others. Don’t feel you ‘have’ to attend an event even if you have done so in the past or go to something if you feel you’d prefer a quiet night in.

4: And while we’re on the subject:

Family obligations. Embracing drunken letch Great Uncle Marmaduke may be part of the holiday rituals you’d sooner do without. It’s no secret that the holidays can bring out stresses in close family relationships. If getting together with your family often ends in disaster (and you can’t avoid the gathering), then before the date do some clearing meditation on your family karma. And have an exit strategy planned if you need to leave early.

5: But it’s a tradition!

Some traditions are worth keeping and they give us a sense of belonging and something to look forward to. However, there may come a time when you realise that the event you’ve always attended, the foods you’ve eaten or the people you get together with no longer hold the same meaning for you they once did. If so, don’t be afraid to let them go. By doing so you allow the universe to send through something new – which may become your next holiday tradition.

6: The Merry Meme:

Is it merry or is it just mindless consumption thinly disguised? Remember, traditionally this time of year was all about giving thanks for what we had. Focussing on the solstice and the start of the new year. Don’t buy into messages that it’s all about wanting and getting more or forced jollity.

You don’t have to wait for the holiday season to perform this kind of spiritual detox. It can be performed any time of year but it can make your festive season more peaceful and meaningful. What better gift is there than that?

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