Words as Magic

One of the most powerful tools we have to create our life is the words that we use.

In his book on ancient Toltec Wisdom, the Four Agreements, Don Miguel Ruiz talks about how words can be used for good or bad magic. What he meant by this was not magic in the sense of casting spells, but that every single thing we speak creates a good or a bad vibration. Words define who we are and we use words to define other people. Thoughts are words we speak in our mind and thought creates your reality.

It is so easy to get lazy about the way we speak and forget how powerful and potent all our words are.

The way we think about ourselves creates our emotional state. The way we speak about other people is a vibration that affects not only them, but also you. Paying attention to the way we use language is incredibly life transforming and effective. Words can raise or lower our vibration and when we higher our vibration we move onto a different track of energy.

I believe all people are psychic on some level and feel the energy on some level of our thoughts. Everything is connected and our thoughts are one of the keys to transporting us out of one level of experience to another. Like also attracts like so how we speak about others will draw to us people with the same vibration.

Paying attention to our use of language (which is our very magic) and using that as a powerful force of love and goodness is one of the most life changing things you can do. The ancients knew that if you had a powerful secret the safest place to hide it was in the open and in most ancient texts it is stated that if you ask you will receive. Try this even if it for only one day and let me know what you experience!

Much love,


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