The Lovely Bones – DVD Review

I was a bit cautious about watching a film about a girl that is killed by a serial killer. I had not read the book so did not know what to expect (apparently the book is far more gruesome). I thought this film was brilliant and thought provoking.

The film starts with a portrayal of a family in the 70’s and an outgoing creative girl who loves life. I’m not giving anything away by saying that shortly into the film she is murdered.  Her spirit however lives on in limbo as she watches over her family and comes to terms with her death. The spiritual aspect of this film and the way the ‘afterlife’ ‘crossing over’ is depicted very much reminded me of one of my favourite films, ‘What Dreams May Come’ It was hard to watch at times but also very beautiful and oddly uplifting.

The acting was incredible. Saoirse Ronan is an extraordinarily gifted young actor, and I especially liked Susan Sarrandon’s performance as the hard drinking, quirky grandmother. I would say that in real life anyone who has had a child die would find this hard going and in some ways it has been sugar coated and is not really realistic when it comes to how parents would feel if their child was murdered.

I would give this film an 8/10 though as there are not enough films that show in such beauty the experience of crossing over.Have you seen it? If so what are your views?

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