Tap into your psychic power with a dream journal

This article is by Michele Knight reader Margarita.  Margarita is a hereditary Celtic intuitive empath who also uses Tarot and Angel cards.

Psychologist Carl Jung believed that dreams were more than just a way for the brain to sort out the events of the day and to ‘re-boot’ for tomorrow. He believed, as do I, that they are a very powerful tool in our sub-conscious toolbox to help unlock the secrets of our unconscious minds and help us to tap into out natural intuition. He also maintained that prophetic dreams (dreams which may foretell a possible future) were evidence that it may be possible to send mind energy forward in time and to see what the future may hold.

Dreams were first documented by the ancient Egyptians for their many powerful symbolism and fortune telling properties and many famous works of art and beautiful literature was created via a dream. Mary Shelley’s ‘Frankenstein’ was conjured up in a young Shelley’s mind as she lay sleeping in 1816 and Paul Mc Cartney’s ‘Yesterday’ was also sent to him in a dream as he woke humming the tune one morning.

So what can we learn from our dreams to help us in our everyday life? As a psychic reader I have been having premonitions and prophetic dreams since I was a child but I didn’t realise how to harness this gift or how to decipher the powerful messages I was being given until I started to keep a dream journal.

Every morning or whenever you get a spare moment to stop, take the time to document your dreams from the previous night. Even if you’re someone who can never remember their dreams, I find that once you start writing all sorts of details start to resurface in your memory. Pay particular attention to animal totems, were you dreaming of a snake or perhaps you have a recurring dream about a rat? This may point to signposts that you may need to keep a closer eye on someone in your life who isn’t all that they seem…Maybe you were dreaming you were flying or trying to fly but couldn’t launch off the ground, this may be subconscious clue to look at aspects of your life in which you feel ‘held back’ or are frightened to take a risk and let yourself ‘fly high’.

Dreams are like diamonds in our unconscious mind just waiting for us to find and uncover their secrets. They are gifts for us to use as a tool to actively guide our life in the right direction.

In terms of prophetic dreams, pay attention to re-occurrences in your sleeping moments, are you revisiting a memory or place repeatedly? Are you dreaming of a person from the past and then they suddenly appear again in your life? These so-called coincidences are little signposts that your mind energy, as Jung put it, is reaching ahead to see a possible future. Always remember though, that the future is not set in stone and can change depending on our thoughts and intention. Along with our free will we shape our own destiny.

Before you sleep tonight, keep a specially selected dream journal close by and tell yourself that you are going to remember your dreams. Set the intention and then let your unconscious mind do the rest. Write down everything as soon as you can (even if it’s the middle of the night, that is when I have some of my best dream messages!) and then start to build a picture over days and weeks about what your mind and heart are trying to tell you. Listen to your gut and your intuition as you write and read your dream journal back at the end of the week and you may be astonished at what they reveal.

Sweet dreams!

Love and light,


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