Spiritual Fitness – the Gossip Detox

I absolutely loved discussing spiritual ideas with Caroline Reynolds and one of the things we firmly agreed on was the power of language.  The words that we speak loop back and effect our  psychic energy and also weave powerful spells around others, so this is something that we should really be conscious of in terms of what we are trying to create, or our intention.

In her book, Spiritual Fitness, Caroline talks about the energetic impact of gossip on a psychic level and suggests making a commitment to avoid it for a week, just to see how your psychic energy lifts and what a huge difference it can make to your experience.

Of course that means that we have to draw a line on what gossip is.  As Caroline says, we do sometimes need to vent our feelings or talk with others, but there is a huge difference between that and passing on something about someone that actually doesn’t need to be said.  And that even goes for people we haven’t actually met, such as passing around the latest celebrity scandals!

So why not see what happens if you commit to a seven day gossip detox, with particular focus on the following:-

1/Notice what happens inside you.  Within the Jungian approach to alchemy there is the idea of a container having to be present – something sealed in which the base elements essentially heat up and transform.  Sometimes, sealing something in by not ‘spilling the beans’ and letting it cook for a while allows us to transform what we think or feel or how we respond to it. Whilst we might be bursting to pass on the latest news we’ve just discovered about someone, sitting with that need transforms it into something else.  Also, we might become conscious that we say a lot of things to other people when really we should be talking to the person we’re talking about directly.  A friend of mine who lived in a commune for a while said that they imposed an absolutely no gossip rule – you could not talk about someone who wasn’t present beyond factual and practical details necessary for the running of the place.  It stopped any kind of Chinese whispers happening and made sure that the group dynamics stayed stable.

2/Notice what happens between you and other people.  If other people are enjoying a good old gossip, how does it make you feel when you can’t join in?  What does this reveal to you about the purpose that gossip might fulfil for you?  What do you notice about how much time you might have spent in gossiping in the past (and what else might you do with that time?)

3/It’s up to you whether and how you tell people you’re on a gossip detox.  If you don’t want to mention it, you can find ways of not joining in without drawing attention to it.  If you do decide to go ahead and tell people, you might bring about some very interesting discussions just by doing it! 

Loads of love,

Michele x

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