Soul Path SOS: Does Struggling Mean You’re On The Wrong Path?

Soul Path SOS:

Does the fact I’m struggling mean I’m on the wrong path?

Next to love and money one of the main areas our readers get asked to look at are soul path issues. We all want to find our true purpose – work which fills us with passion and excitement. Sometimes this means staring our own business or else a radical change of career direction. We can be doing all the right things – practicing our visualisation and our Quantum Creating techniques as well as taking all the practical steps we need to in order to realise our goals. Our higher self seems to be telling us we’re on the right path and we feel alive and energised. And then – suddenly we start to encounter problems.

Perhaps we’ve started our business but are finding it difficult to attract clients. Or despite us upskilling in order to change our career direction we’re finding the doors keep being slammed in our face no matter how many times we knock. When this starts to happen it’s all too easy to become disheartened. Worst of all, we immediately start to replay not only our own fears ‘See, I knew you couldn’t make it – you’re never going to be anything else but a failure’ but also other’s negativity too – ‘Mum/dad/my 9th grade teacher/my ex were all right. Trying just leads to disappointment. I should have stuck to what I was doing and been grateful.’


First – take a step back and get things in perspective. If you read the biographies of most successful people you’ll know that often they spent years trying before they finally ‘made it’. During that journey they made mistakes but they learned from them, picked themselves up and with this new knowledge tried again. The difference between successful people and failures is not that successful people never fail at first but that they keep trying until they succeeded!

We can be firmly on our soul path but this does not necessarily mean our path will be free of obstacles. Often though these obstacles are sent to be our greatest learning opportunities. If you are struggling, if you are despairing about whether or not you will make it, understand that one day these experiences will turn out to be your greatest assets. The universe doesn’t send us anything we can’t learn from. Why should struggle turn out to be an asset when it appears to be just the opposite? Because sometimes the universe will test how much we want something. And – more importantly, chances are your soul path dream involves dealing with other people, right? Connecting with other souls.

Don’t lose touch

Even if your dream is to be an internet marketer you need to connect with your market. If you were to make a fortune overnight and life was entirely easy you could easily lose touch with other people. When we have had to strive and work hard for something, to know the depths of despair and the joy of success this means no matter how successful we become we never lose touch – which fuels our spiritual growth and puts us in a position where we can become examples to others.

You are on the right path if your dream energises you. It is that energy that will help you deal with any obstacles and stuggles. At the end of the day remember – it is the journey that should be the goal – not the destination. Embrace all aspects of your journey – the good and the bad and you can be sure that no matter where you end up you will understand what true success is.

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