Inner Spark Of Soul Essence Carried In Your Name

The first vowel (a.e.i.o.u.) in the first name as given at birth gives the number of the inner spark or soul essence. It is the essential spark of our true self.

The standard western alphabet conversion chart is as follows;

1   2   3   4   5   6   7   8   9
A   B   C   D   E   F   G   H   I
J   K   L    M   N  O   P   Q  R
S  T   U   V    W   X   Y    Z

The western version of the Chaldean /Hebrew conversion chart is as follows;

1     2    3     4     5    6    7   8
A    B    C     D     E    U   O   F
I      K    G    M    H    V    Z   P
Q    R     L     T     N   W
J             S                   X

Either of these alphabet conversion charts is acceptable. I have given you both so that you can choose the method that feels right for you. Personally I prefer the Chaldean/Hebrew chart as I feel it gives a deeper meaning to the chart but it is really a matter of personal choice.

To link to your inner spark or soul essence you need to look at the first vowel letter of your first name. For example if your first name is Sheila then the first vowel would be e which gives a number value of 5.

The number of your soul essence is 5. To see what this means for you see the interpretations below.

If you have a name where y is used as a vowel i.e. Lynn, Wynn etc. Then use the y.

  • A and I. =1) This number brings great inner strength and a need to be in control of your own life. It’s no good anyone trying to tell you what to do or how to do it. If they ask you nicely, that’s a different story. You are not a follower and need to be allowed to find your own way through life and are fiercely independent from a young age. Influenced by the sun, you have a wonderful warmth to you that uplifts people. Ones are often the pioneers who bring in new ideas.
  • E=5) This is the number of the free spirit and of adventure. Communication is the gift of the five along with an insatiable thirst for knowledge. Where, why, when, how – so many questions and fives want answers to them all. This soul seeks to learn everything about everything and to explore the world around them from a very young age. The five really does not like to be restricted in any way and needs room to grow. There is often a love of theatre, art or music with this as your soul essence number.
  • O=7) The number of the philosopher. A high intellect with a need to analyse. There is a need to know how things work. These are the children who take things to pieces and often manage to put them back together again. Deep thinkers and very private about their personal life, none the less the seven needs a stable family life. The seven needs to have quiet time to themselves to contemplate and meditate and to simply BE. Seven is the number of the mysteries and also of music and with this as a soul essence number you will almost certainly be drawn to these subjects.
  • U=6) Sensitive souls with an inner need to care and to nurture. There is a love of nature and of beauty and an ability to adapt to any situation. The six loves people and especially family. It is important that the home environment is a place of harmony and balance in order for the six to function at their best. The six is badly affected by dis-harmony or negativity. Often the six will have creative artistic abilities which tend to be used to make their home unique and beautiful.


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