Sixth Sense: Six Rules to Remember When Having A Psychic Reading

Sixth Sense: Six Rules to Remember When Having A Psychic Reading

You’ve made the decision to have a psychic reading. Perhaps you’re just curious about what’s coming up for you or maybe you have a specific situation you want insight into. Whatever your motivation, and no matter if this is your first ever reading or you have had many done in the past, you’ll get more out of your reading if you keep what I call the ‘Sixth Sense’ in mind – the six golden rules to follow that ensure your experience is a positive, insightful and empowering one.

1: Be open

Open your mind and open your heart so your psychic can get a good connection with you. All good psychic companies have a money back guarantee. If you have a credit card or paypal psychic reading with us and are not given specific information in the first five minutes and you hang up, you get a full refund or your minutes will be topped up for another reader. You have nothing to loose by being open in the first few minutes so that the connection can flow. By being open minded you should get more information.

2: Let the gift be your guide

In other words, following on from Rule 1, the psychic should guide the session and allow them to lead in by telling you what they are picking up. This should be very specific information so that you know they are a good psychic.Very often we can be in an emotional state when we consult a psychic. They understand this but try to give a brief overview rather than your whole life story complete with every relationship disaster to date. Chances are the psychic is already picking up on your energy and knows that – at least a genuine one will, so there won’t be any need to go into too much detail to begin with, let them tell you!

3: It doesn’t have to be ‘On Topic’

It just has to be relevant and about you. For example, you have called to discuss a career matter but the psychic tells you about something that has gone on in your love life in the past. So long as it’s relevant it doesn’t matter if it isn’t directly related to the reason for your reading. The fact they have tuned into this confirms the psychic is on your wavelength. You then know they will be able to answer those questions.

4: Know what it is you want

I know this sounds obvious but you would be surprised. Different psychics have different skill sets. Not all psychics are mediums for example. If you are looking for a message from Aunty Vera in the great beyond then you need a medium. Decide what kind of reading you want and what skill set the psychic needs to have to help you the most. Don’t be afraid to ask. Here on MK our operators will always match you to the psychic who has the abilities you require.

5: True psychics have a code of ethics

No true psychic would tell you something disempowering or even downright scary or demand extra money outside of what you have agreed to pay for the reading in order to remove ‘blockages’, ‘curses’, ‘bad luck’ or to avert a ‘disaster’. Nobody should cast a spell that interferes with someone’s free will – for one thing this would also be unethical as well as bad karma! Yes, you may wish you could bring back that lover but unless they want to come back, paying someone to cast a spell to do that could not only be classified as black magic, but certainly a waste of money!

6: You ARE the psychic

This is what many fraudulent psychics would rather you didn’t know. The thing is, a good psychic merely confirms on a soul level what you truly know – and we all have the same link to universal consciousness. It’s just that some gifted souls are better at tuning in to it – which is why we consult psychics. So, if what the psychic is telling you just doesn’t resonate when you look deep into your heart and not from a place of ego or how you want things to be, no matter how highly recommended they are, don’t be afraid to end the reading or seek advice elsewhere. Above all, never take advice that goes against what your inner voice is telling you.

Keep the Sixth Sense(ible) rules of psychic reading in mind and you’ll always get the best from your reading. Knowledge is power and there is no greater power than insight and knowledge of the soul – which is what any good psychic wants to give you.


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