Shades of Empowerment – How Colour Can Transform Your Life

Shades of Empowerment 

How Colour Can Transform Your Life

We feel ‘blue’ or are in a ‘black’ mood. Or we turned green with jealousy, ‘saw red’ or are ‘in the pink’. We might mention we met a ‘colourful’ character or read some ‘purple’ prose. We’re not just surrounded by colour but we use it to quite literally ‘colour’ our communications.

Ever noticed when you’ve walked into a room how the colours used to decorate it can make it appear light or oppressive? After all, there is a multi-billion pound industry which has grown up around interior design and decoration; not to mention the more spiritual practice of feng shui.

We all have our favourite colours that we know suit us. And we tend to buy items of clothing in these colours and even use them in decoration. We talk about having colour ‘schemes’; so doesn’t all this tell us that colour can play an even more important role in our lives than we realise?

If the colours we use to decorate our homes and offices can affect our moods then what about the colours we choose to wear? Or even using colour as a meditative or spiritual tool? Have you ever bought an item of clothing, accessory or even make up in an entirely different colour to what you would normally wear? And felt like a different person while wearing it? If so you have experienced the transformational power of colour!

I believe colour can be used as a tool for energising and transformation similar to feng shui but on a more personal level. It’s like feng shui for the soul! So let’s take a look at how that works.

There are seven rays to the spectrum. Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet. These correspond to the seven charkas or energy centres in the body.


Despite the fact that red is associated with anger, red is the colour of blood and therefore of life! Red is about warmth, strength and passion. Feeling uncertainy? Eat red foods and if you have an important date, meeting or presentation then include red in your outfit. Obviously with red a little goes a long way – use sparingly or just for special occasions!


Orange is the colour of youth, health, vitality and physical activity. It is also associated with positive thinking; which is why its often used by businesses to encourage us to buy certain products or services. And I’m not about to name the obvious one! And I am sure you can think of businesses who feature the colour prominently in their corporate identity. Orange is a colour that is associated with anything playful and sporty as well as sensuality. Because of its association with happiness, if you’ve been through a bad break up or feel your life is ‘stuck’ then adding orange to your wardrobe can bring about a return of optimism and joyfulness as well as putting you back into the flow of life again.


Did you know if you’re feeling depressed yellow flowers can have a real impact on your mood? Think cheerful daffodils or glorious sunflowers. Yellow evokes the rays of the sun and if you want your parties to be a success, bring yellow into the areas of your home where people gather. It also helps with cognitive abilities so is great for children’s rooms but should be used with caution as too much can be over-stimulating causing heated discussions in adults and restlessness and sleepless nights in children.


Green is of course the colour of nature. If you are lacking ‘green energy’ in your life this could result in you being jealous or emotionally out of balance. It’s associated with the heart chakra and no surprise that green is the colour also associated with Venus, goddess of love. Looking for love or trying to get over a lost love? Wear something green.


Blue is the colour of the sea and sky. Having problems sleeping? Try visualising blue. When something happens ‘out of the blue’ that we are finding difficult to cope with, then blue can help us reach a place of calm. Blue is associated with the throat chakra and therefore speech and communication. If you need to have an important talk or communicate clearly, visualising or wearing blue can help you get your point across.


Indigo is the colour of the night sky and is associated with the brow chakra or ‘third eye’. Therefore it is a spiritual colour and can bring about flashes of intuition. Looking for inspiration? Indigo flowers such as an iris can free your mind and soul bringing you amazing insights.


Violet has long been a colour associated with kings and people of high rank and at one time it was forbidden for ordinary people to wear the colour! It is the colour of transcendence – of mind over matter and of alchemy – not gold as one would have thought! Violet vibrates at the highest frequency of all the colours of the spectrum and is associated with the planet Neptune. It is very good for anyone artistic or who might be described as ‘highly strung’.

Obviously there are colours that just don’t suit us to wear but we can always bring in that colours transformational energy in the form of an accessory, piece of jewellery, scarf or make up for ourselves. A red room might cause a few lover’s tiffs but red decorator items such as a few scatter cushions can fan the flames of passion. You’ve now got a glimpse of what a powerful tool colour can be so use the shades in your palette wisely and colour yourself a beautiful life.

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