RIP our beautiful Annie

Our darling Annie, one of my dearest friends and a much loved member of my team of readers, died peacefully on Saturday after a long battle with cancer.

Annie was one of the most loving and giving souls I have ever met. She actually began working for me behind the scenes and it took me a long time to persuade her to use the amazing talents I knew she had and join my team of readers, but when she did she soon became hugely popular thanks to her amazing gift and shrewd understanding of the human heart.

Annie had a tremendous faith and was a deeply spiritual person.  I have so many memories of her that I cherish.  One moonlit night when a group of us were staying in a house on the moors she slipped off to drum, seated on the stones that spanned a nearby fast flowing river, and returned glowing.  When she came to visit me she would sit reading by the fire in my living room, her glasses slipping down her nose as she offered some pithy observation into whatever conversation was going on at the time.

Quite simply, she was a warrior of love. Hugely compassionate and caring, she always helped those in need and truly walked her talk.  Courageous and brave, I can’t think of anything that ever floored her or made her give in to fear.  Funny and wise, I always trusted her and thought of her as being one of the rocks we all need in our lives.

She was also inspiring and generous with her inspiration.  She shared her love of Tarot and tremendous wisdom through her free talks and the group that she led on Psychic Knight.

We will all miss her tremendously, but I know that we have shared lives before and will do so again, so although this separation is heavy on our hearts it is only temporary.  In her usual way, she’s just followed the beat of her own drum and gone ahead.

We were so blessed to have her in our lives and she lives on in our hearts.


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