QUIZ: The New Goddess Vibe – Which One is Yours?

The great thing about archetypes is that they evolve right along with us. Today’s goddess energy draws on these ancient, feminine symbols of the collective unconscious but gives them a fabulous, modern-day twist that ensures goddess wisdom and power is as relevant today as it was in ancient times. So, take our quiz and discover which of the New Goddesses you embody.

 1: Wow! You’ve won the lottery! Now what are you planning to do with all that cash?

A)    Order that limo to pick you up and shop till you drop – and collect your friends on the way!

B)     Start that eco-business and even if you do buy a mansion it will be on a wind farm

C)    Travel to all those places on your bucket list – especially those which you feel spiritually drawn to

D)    Hire a caterer and invite all your friends to celebrate with you

E)     Sign up for that degree or course you’ve wanted to take but didn’t have the money/time to do

2: You receive an invitation to a party at a friend’s house. What will you wear?

A)    Go for glam and make an entrance!

B)     Something you found in a vintage or charity store or ethically made

C)    Something beautiful, flowing and sensual with perhaps a crystal necklace to set it off

D)    You’ve got to feel comfortable – party or no party!

E)     Relaxed – your favourite jeans and that individual top you love

3: Your best friend has just had a relationship breakdown. How do you cheer her up?

A)    Whisk her off for a facial then lunch or drinks at a trendy bar or restaurant

B)     Suggest you go for a walk or to the beach – nothing like connecting to nature to get some perspective

C)    Spa day!

D)    A girlie night in with your favourite wine and chick-flicks

E)     An adrenaline-fueled getaway – and who knows who you might meet while rock-climbing or at the Grand Prix?

4: What’s your favourite Sunday activity?

A)    Surf eBay or Asos for designer bargains

B)     Head to your allotment

C)    Read a great self-help book or meditate

D)    Snuggling up in front of the fire with your honey and a good bottle of red

E)     Heading to the great outdoors

5: What’s your ideal holiday?

A)    A five star hotel in a beautiful resort or in an exciting city close to world-class shopping

B)     Somewhere off the beaten track where sustainable tourism puts you in touch with indigenous cultures and rare animals

C)    A yoga retreat in Bali

D)    Renting a beautiful country cottage

E)     White water rafting, skiing, bungee jumping, diving – you’re up for them all

6: What’s your dream job?

A)    Actor, performer or something which puts you ‘centre stage’

B)     Captain of the Sea Shepherd

C)    Running your own yoga centre or spiritual retreat

D)    Being the next Nigella Lawson

E)     Running your own business or anything where your ideas are taken on board and you have freedom and autonomy

MOSTLY A’S – Your New Goddess Vibe is the Daring Diva

Ready or not world, here you come! You love the finer things of life but also you can be incredibly generous and you will share your abundance and success with others. Embody this goddess by daring to be your stunning and fabulous self! Other Daring Divas include Madonna, Lady Gaga, Rita Heyworth and Beyonce. You’re in good company!

MOSTLY B’S – Your New Goddess Vibe is the High Priestess

You were born aware of your connection to the Earth and everything on it. Inter-connectedness and nature is important to you as is leading a responsible life. This doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy yourself – you just have to make it ethical and globally sustainable enjoyment! Other Priestesses include Dian Fossey, Margaret Mead, Rachel Carson and Anita Roddick.

MOSTLY C’S – Your New Goddess Vibe is the Spiritual Healer

You exemplify the Hindu butterfly goddess Hina in that you know that true healing begins with change and metamorphosis within yourself and once that happens you are in a position to heal others. You’re on a cradle to grave journey towards wholeness and you want to bring about the same for those around you. Other Healing Goddesses include Elizabeth Garret Anderson, Mother Teresa, Marianne Williamson and Louise Hay.

MOSTLY D’S – Your New Goddess Vibe is the Creative Nurturer

Never underestimate the power of the woman who makes her home her centre of power and a place others flock to. Your ability to nurture and make everyone feel ‘at home’ is your way of caring and making your home a delight is not a chore to you but creative soul expression. Needless to say Creative Nurturers include Nigella Lawson, Martha Stewart and Oprah Winfrey who made the world feel ‘at home’ on her show.

MOSTLY E’S – Your New Goddess Vibe is the Power Muse

Creative and energetic you have a strong sense of purpose and it’s not that you don’t want a partner – you just don’t want one who cramps your style or restricts your freedom. You believe in equality for women and throw yourself with passion into any task that gets your heart pumping faster! Your fellow Power Muses include Sheryl Sandberg,  Arianna Huffington, Lauren Bacall and Kathryn Bigelow.

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