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Telepathy explains how thoughts or feelings are passed on or picked up through extra-sensory channels.  It describes what’s going on when you instinctively know how someone else is feeling, or who’s on the end of the telephone when it rings.   It also explains the sometimes supernatural link that exists between mothers and children and between twins.

Psychoanalyst Carl Jung linked telepathy to his theory of the collective unconscious, the global repository of human experience and archetypal energy, and believed it played a big part in synchronicity.  Other theories suggest that our brains emitting radio-like frequencies that others can tune into.  For me, telepathy is another feature of the quantum soup.

I believe that we are all telepathic and telepathy is something that comes naturally to us but most of us are taught to ignore it.  It’s often said that women are believed to be more telepathic than men – but for me this is because it’s more acceptable for women to trust and follow what they call instincts.

Telepathy and animals

If you’re a pet owner or animal lover, you might have already come across the work by scientist Rupert Sheldrake who has done extensive research and documented many stories of the amazing ability of pets to pick up on their owners’ thoughts and intentions.  My own cat, Willow, always hides when it’s time for another vet visit, which Sheldrake reports is so common that many vets with whom he has spoken have given up using an appointment system for cats!

Telepathy and the Law of Attraction

Telepathy is important because it shows that we are in constant communication all the time – and not just with other people or animals.  The thoughts we send out emit vibrations that shape our very lives.  Telepathy is what makes the Law of Attraction and Cosmic Ordering work.  That’s why it’s so important to get your thoughts in line, and why affirmations won’t work if you’re saying one thing and negating their effect by thinking the total opposite deep down.

Improve your skills

Start keeping an intuitive diary or a hunch journal that allows you to delve deep into what you intuitively pick up on a daily basis.  See how many times you can pick up who’s on the line when the phone rings.  You can also work with a friend and recreate the classic ESP experiments using simple playing cards.  Get your friend to choose four cards without telling you which ones they have chosen and see how accurately you can tune in to which ones they have selected.

Developing telepathy differs from developing other psychic skills because you are already telepathic.  It’s about learning how to recognise where telepathy is already working in your life.

Making Telepathy work for you

If you start with the understanding that we are all automatically sharing our thoughts, make sure that you send out thoughts that are in line with what you want.  The one piece of advice I always give people who are trying to draw love into their lives is to avoid focusing on what you perceive to be the lack of love as your thoughts will be picked up and interpreted as desperation, which just isn’t attractive!  Also, focusing our thoughts and energy on any one person creates such an intense hit that it can literally drive them away.

So make sure you send out the thoughts that reflect what you want to happen.  At job interviews, for example, radiate the idea that you are the perfect candidate.  If you’re having problems with a work colleague or neighbour, send out thoughts about how fantastic, warm and friendly they are and see how they change.  If you want to draw love into your life, put your energy into creating a life for yourself that supports you in sending out an irresistible frequency so that you can transform yourself into a love-magnet.

Quick facts

The word Telepathy is a hybrid of the Greek Tele, which translates as far, and pathe, which translates as feelings.

Apollo 14 astronaut Edgar D. Mitchell was said to have carried out an unauthorised experiment from space in the 1971 mission in which he ‘transmitted’ sequences of numbers to people back on earth through his thoughts.  The earthbound participants recorded what they telepathically tuned into with a higher than statistical average success rate.

Start to pay attention to your gut instincts and hunches and keep a development journal to see how in tune you are with yourself and the cosmic soup.

Make telepathy work for you by projecting  what you want to receive.  Emit positive vibrations about what you want to draw into your life and watch how the universe responds by sending you like for like!

Much love,

Michele x

A version of this article first appeared in Soul and Spirit Magazine 

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