Numerology For Those Born on the 14th or 23rd

If you were born on the 14thor 23rd day of any month you should have already read the section which governs your Life Path Master Number which is a 5. However, those of you born under ‘double digits’ which reduce down to a 5 have the additional influence of your double number which reveals information about your Soul Power and Soul Path. So, if your birthday falls on either the 14th or 23rd – read on.

Soul Power Number 14

You soul task is to be who you want to be and not what others think or expect you to be. Your life path will take you on a journey of discovery – to the real you! This is the promise of your birth number. As mentioned before, the Number 5 has a duality about it and your birthday out of all the 5’s is the one that is called to integrate this duality into wholeness. When we become a whole person – literally ‘whole hearted’, we become the masters or mistresses of our fate. So, you need to take all aspects of yourself – even those qualities which you might think are unlovable or which others have told you are ‘unacceptable’ – and own them all and in doing so you will unlock your power and potential. Remember – when people criticise you or tell you how you should be living your life they are telling their story – not yours! You will know when you are in your power and on the right path when you are content to step back and see what life brings you instead of trying to make things happen. When you start to do this you will become more and more self-confident which in turn will attract the very people and situations you need to help you. No matter how successful you become, once you have stepped into those powerful shoes, please don’t fall into the trap of taking yourself or life too seriously. Always maintain a joyful, childlike, free-spirited attitude to life even if you end up in a position of leadership or responsibility. If you don’t you will end up with your personal freedom curtailed and become pompous, puffed up with self-importance and overweight to boot!

A word of warning: guard your creative ideas carefully as they could be ripped off, plagiarised or mismanaged by others.

Soul Power Number 23

This is considered an extremely fortunate birthday to have and one of karmic reward. It promises help and favours from people in positions of power and authority who will offer resources and advice. Although this is an extremely protective number – almost as if you have a Guardian Angel at your shoulder, it cannot completely protect you from life’s ups and downs. But let’s just say that it can cushion any falls for you. You need love like others need air, food and water. You will either have one person for the early part of your life and out-live that partner or you will fall in and out of love for the first half of your life only to find true and lasting love in the second. You will find that your 50’s are the best decade of all when life will bring you exactly what you want.

You need to learn to live in the moment and find the funny side of life and if you so you will have the success you crave. You’ll travel far during your lifetime and you will always be under some kind of protection when you do no matter how strange the places you visit. You may inherit money at some stage in your life or else be the recipient of payout of settlement in your favour.

Although this is a number of reward it does not mean you are exempt from learning spiritual lessons. You are on the wrong path if you are attracting people who are selfish, untrustworthy or unreliable. If so, you need to develop all your positive traits a lot more. Be more selfless, trustworthy and reliable and you will attract in kind. The world truly is your mirror if you were born on the 23rd, so make sure the mirror reflects back something you like to see.



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