Your Xmas Survival Guide 2013

The holiday period can be a magical time of year, but it can also be a time when our expectations go one way and our experience goes another.  I hope with all my heart that you have a wonderful time over Christmas, but if that doesn’t look likely, here’s a few tips on how to get through the season intact.

1: Embrace the Christmas message, remember that everyone is doing their best and come from a place of unconditional love, even if people seem out to push your buttons.  Christmas can be an emotional time for many people as it stirs up ghosts of Christmas past, childhood memories and deep psychological issues.  Rub a white candle with oil and visualise unconditional love and peace fill the atmosphere.

2: If you are one of many people who are facing Christmas in the throes of grieving someone who has passed, a recent lost a lover or just generally feeling lonely, remember it’s just a day.  You can spend it quietly if you want to, treat it as a day of indulgence when you spoil yourself with all of your favourite foods and films, or think about doing some Christmas charity work.  Buy a smudge stick (sage wrapped in string which is used for purification) smudge your home and visualise all the past being cleared.

3: Leave the expectations alone.  Christmas tensions can come from wanting everyone to be happy and everything to go perfectly.  Be gracious and grateful for the present and let go of any fantasies of how you think things should be.  Buy a rose quartz and carry it in your pocket. It is the unconditional love stone and will heal your heart if you feel hurt.  Make the most of the day, even if you drop the potatoes and everyone falls asleep in front of the telly in the afternoon.

4: Keep it all on even keel and stay out of dangerous territory.  If you know that certain topics always end up in a row, avoid them.  You can be warm and loving and spread good cheer and take a wide berth around anything that has always ended in a Christmas argument every other year. Visualise a pink light around the room and people filled with unconditional love.

5: Grab some time on your own or with your partner, even if it’s just for a post lunch walk.  It will help you stay grounded and centred and at least you can be the beacon of towering strength even if everyone else starts getting cabin fever and snapping at each other.

6: Enjoy everything in moderation.  It’s just one day a year, so allow yourself some treats but keep the balance going.  Drink plenty of water, try and get a walk in and watch the alcohol consumption.  You don’t want to fall over into an argument after one too many sherries and if you totally over indulge you’ll just feel terrible.

7: Sticking to neutral topics even means staying out of any debates about Christmas itself!  Make it a day of tolerance where you at least are going to respect that everyone has their own beliefs and way of enjoying themselves.

May you have a fabulous time whatever you are doing. Sending loads of love

Michele x

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