Michele’s Hot Holiday Tips

The holiday season is here – and, whether you are jetting off to a fabulous far away destination or, like many people this year, looking for a break closer to home or one that suits a tight budget, there are plenty of opportunities for fun in the sun.

Holidays should be a time for romance, adventure or just relaxation, but they can also be make or break times for relationships of all kinds. When it comes to astrological compatibility, the idea of heading off into the wild blue yonder with little more than a rucksack might fire up an adventurous Sagittarius, but could be a living hell for a fussy Virgo who likes everything planned down to the last detail. Visiting an ancient Chinese temple and getting a psychic reading from a Taoist monk might excite a Scorpio’s love of delving deep into anything mysterious, but could bore an impatient Aries to tears. Spending a week volunteering on an organic farm might thrill an earthy Taurean, but could be far too much hard work for a dreamy Pisces.

So whether you are hoping to get away with your lover, spouse or best mate, how can you make sure that holiday harmony rules? Here are a few quick, simple tips to help you make the most of whatever summer fun you can cook up.

How well do you know whoever you’re thinking of going away with? If you’re planning to go away with a mate you don’t really know that well or someone you’ve only just started dating, it’s best to make it a short break somewhere close to home. Realising that actually the other person drives you mad half way through a long haul flight to spend a month on the other side of the world could make you regret your decision to go away with them big time – and it does happen!

Ask a few key questions before you even think about going away together about what the other person likes to do on vacation. If they are a party animal and can’t wait to check out the club scene of wherever you’re thinking of heading and you were looking forward to a quiet time sunning yourself by the pool and catching up on some holiday reading, you’re bound to get on each others’ nerves and when you’re a long way from home even the smallest differences can turn into huge fights. If you are very different, pick a destination that gives you both a bit of what you want and be prepared to give and take.

On that note, do expect to do your own thing at some points when you are away. Being with anyone 24 hours a day can put a strain on the best relationship and you won’t always want to to do the same things at the same time. If you want to go and visit ancient ruins whilst they sun themselves on the beach and arrange to meet up later for dinner, you’ll both have plenty to talk about!

Work out in advance exactly what you’ve got to spend. This is especially important if you’re pooling your budget. If you like to splash the cash and your mate or partner needs to count the coins, expect friction by day two as you’ll find yourself wanting to head for the expensive restaurants whilst they want to eat in cheap local cafes.

So whether you’re planning a round the world, trip of a lifetime with your best mate, or just a few days away at the seaside with your family, remember to take care of the practicalities and make the most of the time you spend together!

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