Lisa’s Karma Clinic: Can I learn to say no?

Dear Lisa

For most of my life I have been at the beck and call of others.  I am a people pleaser, I find it impossible to say no, hence I get taken advantage of, I have also suffered and battled with a few unhappy situations and had to pick up the pieces and carry on.  Is my life always going to be like this? Did I do something terrible in my previous life?

Lisa says:

To begin with, your question throws up something that applies to everyone at the point where we recognise a pattern in ourselves!

You’ve said that you are a people pleaser.  When we get that kind of insight into ourselves, whether it’s about being a people pleaser or anything else, it all becomes about what we do about what we have discovered.  Knowing that you have a tendency towards being a people pleaser, you then have a choice whether to carry on acting it out, or make some changes in the way that you deal with things.  Start by taking a deep and honest look at whether you are allowing these situations to occur or somehow gravitating to those types of people who will dominate you in some way.  Then it’s useful to recognise things that trigger the same response in you – it might be as small as a certain kind of look someone gives you – and then consciously ask yourself what you might do differently so that the next time something happens that might automatically make you want to jump to it, you can do something different! 

Turning to your chart, I can see that your Moon is in Capricorn.  This suggests that you have spent past lives in a high position where you have experienced respect and service from others. It is likely that you have been a leader of some sort, maybe in science or issues to do with the economy and are used to being powerful and dominating.  In this life you need very much to experience through feelings rather than to push them away as you would have in your past lives at the risk of ‘sharing’ too much about yourself. Your Moon is positioned in the 6th house, a position that indicates that helping others might indeed feel like a burden sometimes, but that this is all part of your soul’s journey.  Overall, you might find it hard to say no, but learning how to do this in a wise and loving way will help you become more lovingly secure and stable.

Your Saturn in Aquarius shows that all of the importance, influence and even fame that you may have had in previous lives is interesting, but not the most important thing relevant to this lifetime. What you are here to do is to find a way to help people from a humanitarian perspective and that means developing the ability to focus your attention wisely and in the right direction.  Pluto in the 3rd house shows that you will have natural transmitting abilities that can encourage and entertain others in a way that can be mesmerizing.  This effect can have an impact to the point where you can change people’s viewpoints just through your manner of communication. You are also likely to have the ability to get to grips with any query that is put to you, and this makes you an adept problem solver. You are likely to have healing hands that seem to connect with other people’s auras and that then gives you an insight into what that person needs for healing. You may also write or use another form of creative expression to get your message across.

So – nothing terrible has happened to you previously. You made a pledge when you were incarnating to help others. The universe is simply asking you to step up to the mark on a bigger scale – then you will not have the conflicts and disillusionment that you experience currently.

Keep shining brightly – and be positive about what you have to do, you have some great abilities!

Lots of hugs,

Lisa x

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