Five therapies to change your life

Practitioners of all kinds have either been devising new ways of working with the mind, body and spirit or have been adding intuition or psychic ability to approaches that have been around for years. As a result, an increasing number of therapies today have a strong spiritual base.  Here’s the top five to look out for:

Future life progression

By using a light meditative state, Future Life Progressionists say that they can work with clients to help them effectively move through the quantum soup as far ahead into their own future as they need to see the ultimate outcome of their current course of action.  Based on the notion that our future is not set in stone, clients can then decide to change their course of action in the present – and alter their future – or look back from where they want to be and refine their route to get there.

Theta Healing

Neuroscientists have identified a number of different frequencies or patterns that our brains emit.  Theta waves are produced when you are deeply relaxed and when you’re dreaming.  You can evoke this Theta state through meditation to enhance creativity, but Theta Healing Practitioner say that they are able to work with  clients to access the same state and alter their beliefs and thoughts, which in turn ripples out to create change across all areas of life.

Shamanic Healing

Shamanic healing has been around for thousands of years. Across the world, many shamans use the healing properties of plants in treatment, but healing work is often done through a process called journeying.  Unlike other forms of treatment, it is the practitioner who enters an altered state and journeys on behalf of the client to effect healing.  Many approaches and techniques are used.  For example, in a Soul Retrieval, Shamanic Practitioners say that they can coax back parts of a soul fragmented by trauma to restore a revived sense of wholeness in the client.

Intuitive Life Coaching

Life Coaching is said to focus on helping clients work out what they want and then arrive at strategies to achieve desired goals.  Intuitive Life Coaches say that they combine psychic or intuitive abilities with Life Coaching techniques to add an extra edge to the work, helping clients make effective changes and achieve desired goals.

Intuitive Astrology

Astrologers consult charts drawn up from a person’s time, place and date of birth to glean information about what influence the planets have had on their personality and the themes and events that are likely to play out in their life.  An Intuitive Astrologer will add psychic perception to such information.  Modern astrologers believe that people co-create their destinies and say that they work with clients to harness the energy of the planets to support them in achieving what they want in life.

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