Finding and Freeing the Dream Behind Your Dream

You’ve got a dream. Your dream can be anything from setting up your own business, writing a novel, winning that ‘dream’ job or sailing solo around the world. When we’re looking at goals that involve us achieving something that fuels our soul purpose as opposed to acquiring something material such as say, owning a house or expensive car then very often we need to look at just what is the driving force behind our dream. Of course, that is not to say that owning a home or having a nice car are not worthy goals, but the thing about them is that material goals are usually bi-products of our BIG dream – the success of your business, your ideal job or the sale of your manuscript or the rights to your world-beating adventure mean you can then afford them. What I am talking about here is the dream that ignites your passion and fires up your soul and those dreams usually have a dream that powers them. In other words – a dream behind the dream. So, what’s yours?

Recently on MK, we’ve looked at ‘chunking down’ – reducing the steps we need to take to reach our goals down into small, manageable ones we can tackle right away rather than letting ourselves become overwhelmed and stalled as a result. Chunking down is a powerful tool that can be used in a variety of ways and not just for reducing problems down to size. Chunking down can also be used to discover what drives our dreams by literally cutting them down to size to discover the dream that lurks behind the dream because the secret of successful manifesting is always – go directly to your dream.

It works like this. Say your dream is to have your own business. Write your goal down in the usual way: ‘I have my own successful business’ it is usually better not to limit what the universe can send through . Once you have stated your goal then you can begin the process of discovering what the dream behind it is by chunking it down. You then write ‘So that . . .’

‘I have my own successful business generating an abundant and continuously increasing source of income. So that . . .  I can set and work my own hours’.

Now keep going. Add more ‘so that’s’. Keep adding them until you can’t add any more. For example, you may end up with something like this: ‘I have my own successful business generating an abundant and continuously increasing source of income. So that I can quit my present job which I hate. So that I can buy my own home. So that I can set and work my own hours. So that I can travel more without having to worry about holiday allowances or getting time off.’

When we look at these two examples what we see is one is about experience and the other is about validation. The first ‘dream behind the dream’ of setting up a successful business is to be able to travel more. So, setting up a business that involves travel would be the answer. The second ‘dream behind the dream’ involves recognition and requires a more holistic approach. First, critics are everywhere and unless we believe in ourselves, nobody else will. Secondly – what is this dream really about? It’s not actually about being a movie star. Winning an Academy Award, being on the cover of a glossy magazine –if that’s your dream then there are easier ways to accomplish those goals than landing the lead role in a Hollywood blockbuster. This dream is actually about getting more love.


Your ‘So that . . .’ exercise may involve more steps than the examples I’ve used here but you may be amazed to discover what the dream behind your dream actually is. And once you know it – then go directly to it. That’s it. Fill the need BEHIND your dream and then – you’re free to succeed at your dream anyway but until then – you can only succeed in spite of it and why put obstacles in your path?


Remember – dreams are usually about more life and you have them for a reason. To live the best life you possibly can. So don’t just dream it – go directly to it!

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