Expressing your soul through what you do

When we start on any kind of spiritual path and begin working with our intuition or other spiritually based gifts we can get the urge to leap out of our ‘day jobs’ and into something that we think will give us more opportunities to express our
soul in what we do.  We can grab on to the idea that we should go off and become healers or anything that has the label of spiritual or psychic.

We can do that, but I think it’s also good to remember that we are here to evolve and evolve the whole and that the best place to do that is always right where we are, wherever we are in any one moment.

I think that many of us would like to see a more ‘soulful’ world all round – one where spiritual values are expressed through every arena in life.  Building the idea that we can only express our soul in a very small number of places actually creates a split or division which actually perpetuates the very thing we don’t want.

At the same time, we have all been touched by the experience of encountering ‘earth angels’ in the most unexpected places – the person in the housing department of our local council who went the extra mile to help us, the schoolteacher who inspires, the nurse who took the time to hold our hands when we were scared.

There have always been businesses that begin as the expression of someone’s soul.  The late Dame Anita Roddick started The Body Shop which was actually all about challenging the ideas of beauty that dominated the media and also as a way of adopting what became known as fair trade practices with developing countries.  You might say that what started as one little cosmetic company really has had a major impact on loads of other businesses today.  More recently, entrepreneur Tony Hseih launched an on line shoe store called Zappos with the idea that the company wasn’t selling shoes but delivering happiness and the business grew to be hugely successful as a result.

Whatever you do, don’t wait to be somewhere different before you start turning the way that you do your job or build your business into something through which you can express your soul.  That is how the world around us will be transformed.

Loads of love,

Michele x


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