Banishing Bad Vibes and Energy Vampires

Banish bad vibes and energy vampites

Feeling drained, sluggish, and lacking in your usual psychic pizzazz? Do you want to banish bad vibes and dismiss energy vampires? As well as smudging away negativity, chakra work, crystal healing to bolster your aura etc here’s a list of people and things to banish to uplift your psychic vibration and clear out your bad vibe clutter.

Energy Vampires

1: Energy vampires: We’ve all experienced them at one time or another. That friend or lover who only ever talks about themselves, their problems and on-going dramas. These souls are not fangtastic but draining, they expect us to be always there yet not giving anything in return. The energy vampire leave us feeling totally drained and despondent.

True friends leave us feeling energised – not the other way around. If you know someone like this it’s time to learn to say ‘No’ to them – either by starting to put distance between you and them or by not being at their beck and call. If you are worried about what may happen to them, please don’t. Once they realise you are no longer available they will soon find someone else to vamperise

Soul-Sucking places

2: Places that give you a ‘bad vibe’.  That spare room or closet cluttered with junk. That pub that’s so gloomy but which your friends always insist on going to. Your dingy office space. All these kinds of places drain your energy. Time to look for a new living situation, clean out that junk, tell your friends about the wonderful new venue you’ve discovered that you’re dying to show them, or start to look for a new job. Our environment has a profound
effect on our energy levels.

The flip side of this coin is that we all know of places that ‘raise our spirits’. If you need to make permanent changes such as moving house or changing jobs, keep your energy levels high by ensuring your visit that favourite park, beach or countryside walk that recharges you both physically, mentally and spiritually.

Who is raining on your parade?

3: Parade Rainers: Similar to energy vampires but harder to spot, people who rain or your parade. These drainers are those who either overtly or subtly undermine your dreams.  They bombard you with the reasons why you won’t be able to make it. The first thing to remember about drainers is that they are telling their story and not yours.

The second thing to remember is that unless you know 100% for certain that the person you’re confiding in about your goals is on Team You, the best way to not give away the precious energy you need to pursue them is to keep your goals to yourself until you have manifested them. It’s really that simple.

The ghost of happiness past

4: Hanging on to the Past: We all need reminders of the past but we should take care not to become prisoners of it. I’m not talking about throwing out that beloved childhood teddy bear or those photographs. But that outfit you rocked back in the ‘90’s? Those love letters your ex wrote you seven years ago and you’ve not seen or heard from them in three? We invest our energy in these things but we get no return on it. Time to reclaim it and start living in the now by de-cluttering the past.

So beautiful soul, now you are banishing bad vibes and energy vampires you can embrace the wonder of you. You deserve a dazzling future filled with love and abundance. Sling off the baggage and fly free

Love Michele x

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