Are you really an Angel?

What makes an angel? When we’re committed to our growth we usually try our best to live up to an ideal of what we think an ‘angelic’ person is. And there’s no doubt that working on ourselves and developing a more spiritual outlook on life enables us to act towards others with more understanding, selflessness and compassion. But often, just as we think we are progressing on our spiritual path something happens to shake our image of ourselves – someone pushes in front of us in a queue and we snap at them or we find ourselves drawn into the same psycho-drama with an ex or a relative where we lose our cool – again. Didn’t we deal with this kind of situation before and resolve to act differently next time? How can we think of ourselves as spiritual, much less angelic, when we end up acting all too human?

The answer is you don’t have to be perfect to be an angel right here on earth. We’re all spiritual beings having a human experience and we’re here to evolve our soul through learning.

Each of us has a pure angelic shard of God within us – at times it’s easy for us to remember and access this, at other times, more difficult. But the important thing  to remember is we are far more than we appear to be – or our reactions to people and situations we encounter!

Often we are angels in ways we don’t know. You smile at someone in a shop or compliment a stranger – for all you know they were feeling depressed or their day was not going well. Yet your smile or simple comment  uplifts them, making them see the beauty in life and other people again, and makes their day.

Then there are the lives you touch of the people close to you – family, friends, co-workers, even pets. Your presence in their lives is important and your influence and actions radiate out like ripples. You are more important than you can ever possibly imagine.

We are all unique beings with a unique destiny to fulfill. Nobody can be an angel all the time – but we can fulfill our destiny as earth angels simply by touching the lives of others in our own unique way.

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